Writing Down an Eye-Catching Academic Essay.

If you are a student at some university, college, or higher-level studies, you must be wondering how you can make your research work more powerful and appealing. Writing down research articles is an art, and it required many days, and for the case of a thesis, it may take up to months. Well, its enchantress doesn’t determine by the span you spend on that writing. Many people are working for years to get that one academic essay by which they can get their degree completed.

People wonder how they can write an eye-catching academic essay. The article will present you with a pro tip to get a wonderful, appealing essay that would surely get you a degree soon. The advice is to mind map your essay before you start writing.

What is mind mapping, and how can you use it?

Mind mapping is a process of jolting down all the essential themes you want to convey to the readers and then start writing.

The best method is to think of any central idea or theme which is your topic of interest. Then, make branches of subthemes about that topic. These sub-themes should include all those topics you want to elaborate on further. It simply states that draw a graphical view of the topics you want to cover.

How to turn a mind map into an essay?

You can draw a mind map for you using simple techniques.

For example, · Write the central theme of your essay in the middle of the page. A landscape orientation would be more conventional, but it depends on you.

  • Make the branches of your central idea to split it into the topics you want to cover. Connect them with the central theme using colored lines, arrows, or bubbles. That would show the direct connection with the main theme. You can explore whether the point is relevant to the main theme or not. Getting all the points on the same page would reveal the relevancy of each topic as well.
  • You can create subheadings of each branch as well by using different colored boxes or bubbles. Make sure to distinguish the headings and subheadings with other colored boxes or arrows to not mix them while writing. Like you can use red color for heading 1, green for heading 2, blue for heading 3, and so on.
  • After mind mapping all the points, start writing your essay. Begin with the main theme and write the heading just stemmed out from the central theme. Then, write its subheadings and move to the next heading.

This is how a complete mind map looks like.

Mind mapping would make it easy for you to collect all the points, and you don’t need to think and write each heading. Instead, take a day or two to jot down all the main points and then start writing fluently without the exhaustion of searching again and again.

Not only for academic writings but for scheduling a timetable, payrolls, a company’s work area, and so many other purposes, you can use the technique of mind mapping. The theme will become easier if you do this with some mind mapping software. This software will automatically add many points to the central theme, and a digital mind map for your problem is in front of you.

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