Writing an essay in 30 minutes or less is doable.

Paper Preparation

It is recommended that you set up ten minutes to prepare out your essay.

An outline should take no more than ten minutes to create before you begin writing. Avoid having to go back and change or reorganise your essay once you start writing it by doing this ahead of time.

The essay prompt must be properly investigated.

In most cases, the essay will begin with a question or a directive (such as a quotation with a question). You must thoroughly read and understand the question before answering it. An example of a question you could be asked: A “doomsday book” lists the names of famous people who have died. There must be a new individual for every old one to be wiped out. “Illuminated characters that cannot be erased” remain in the minds of a few. ” If this is the case, what are the odds of ever seeing another hero? Write a paper explaining your point of view on the subject. You should back up your claims with concrete instances. To bolster your case, draw on personal experience or knowledge from other disciplines, such as history or literature. For more info, please visit

Your thesis statement should serve as a guide for your brainstorming.

A thesis statement outlines the main topics of debate that must be included while writing an essay. It is essential to lay out a strategy for answering the question, “What is the focus of this paper?” in the beginning. Let us know what you have to say on the subject.

When contemplating the Longfellow statement and its accompanying thought-provoking question, your family and friends may spring to mind as role models. Suppose there was a historical person whose contributions were underappreciated. This essay’s topic includes both the forgotten hero and the remembered hero. In your thesis statement, choose one side to support or oppose. Throughout their lifetimes, historical people like Susan B. Anthony, the suffragette, have had to overcome a number of obstacles. Although the government and her own organisation criticised her, Anita fought for women’s ability to vote for decades. Once recognised as a pioneer after her death but today she is revered as a role model. Include a quote from the essay question in your thesis statement, if at all feasible. Susan B. Anthony was derided for her ideals in her day but is now considered as a hero of her time, despite Longfellow’s claim that names and heroes fade with time.

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