Writing a winning MBA application essay

Many applicants worry a lot about their MBA admission essay since they have no idea where to start writing. Worry no more, in this essay we will highlight the things the admission committee looks for in an application essay then offer MBA essay help on what you need to do to stand out.

There are several reasons why business schools ask for an essay, however, all these reasons help the admission committees in determining whether you possess the required skill and traits needed to succeed in an MBA program.

They want to assess your writing skills

They assess your communication skills, which include fluency in English, clarity, and concision, which are essential for you to succeed in a business school. They need to see your original writing sample to gauge your level of writing ability. An MBA essay requires that you get your points across concisely, elegantly and straightforward. Your ability to do this is your key to success in business school and the business world.

They need to know who you are

The admissions committee wants to know who you are on a personal level. Your MBA application essay will tell them all they need to know about you not only what you say but also how you say it. They want to know whether you are self-aware and whether you can reflect on your past challenges and mistakes in a thoughtful way.

They need to know your ability to demonstrate who you are and what your goals are, the way you answer questions on which you are, your journey, and your career also help MBA admissions to distinguish your critical thinking and your insight.

MBA gives you a ground to talk about your background, experiences, and any other unique trait that you possess that you believe can differentiate you from other colleagues

Essays provide a ground for you to highlight your qualities that most MBA programs might be looking for in applicants such as problem-solving skills, communications skills, community involvement, clear goals, and a strong sense of ethics. You cannot exhaust most of these traits by using a resume alone and so the need for an MBA essay is the place to elaborate on the journey taken to cultivate them in yourself.

MBA entrance essay prompts

There are several questions asked in MBA essays:

Open-ended question

An open-ended MBA application essay allows you to tell your story. This gives you a bit of freedom but it lacks any guidance; this makes most applicants find it the most challenging part of the MBA essay prompt and often seek admission essay writing services.

Some open-ended prompts will ask applicants to decide what to write while others will advise them to use it as a chance to demonstrate their past or they use a certain trait as a problem-solving skill. Most admission essays do not have a specific word count

Leadership Prompt

This common MBA essay prompt requires you to demonstrate your skills and experiences as a leader. Almost all MBA admissions counselors use the leadership qualities since are essential tools for a business career and the application’s success.

Avoid being overly self-belittling but at the same time do not shy away from addressing any challenges you have met and how you were able to overcome them. Keep in mind that accountability is the most important aspect of leadership, it is unnecessary to avoid blaming your teams for a problem that you encountered and instead reflect on how you solved that problem or any other way you could have used to overcome it.

Personal growth

MBA admissions essay prompt will ask you to explain how you changed in the past and how you intend to grow in the future. Feel free to go a bit personal with these kinds of prompts; they help gauge something about your personality and the person you are as opposed to what you have done.

Most successful MBA prompts of this kind usually respond to some questions. The common ones are where you need to know the past, present, and future formats, how you utilized your past traits gathered over the years, how you benefited in person, or professionally, how your past traits assisted you improved on the lessons learned along the way, and how your experiences shaped you. You need to be as specific as possible and accurately take a stock of your career, education, and state where you want to see yourself in the future.

Most MBA prompts will ask you how they can help you towards the personal or professional goals. You are required to be as specific as possible and focus on the particular strength of the prospective MBA program and how you can match with any improvement you want regarding yourself as a person, colleague, and leader.

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