WoW TBC – What You Need to Know About Character Transfers

Want to know if you can transfer characters in TBC? Here’s the facts.

In the build up to the addition of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, there has been a lot of burning questions about what we can expect from its release. How much WoW TBC gold are we going to need? How does Burning Crusade power leveling work? And perhaps one of the biggest questions is whether you can transfer characters over to the next expansion. So let’s dive into what we need to know about the transition to The Burning Crusade.

Can I Transfer Characters from WoW Classic to TBC?

As one of the hottest topics to grace the Warcraft community, it has been the question on many players’ minds as of late. It has been clarified as to whether or not we will have the opportunity to transfer our characters over from WoW Classic to The Burning Crusade.

According to a post on, it will not be possible for us to transfer characters over from WoW Classic to the realms of The Burning Crusade. This goes for the other way too, meaning we can’t transfer characters from The Burning Crusade over to WoW Classic either.

The statement goes on to say that if you have been playing WoW Classic, then all of your characters that existed prior to the patch that was released back in May this year will then be cloned automatically to WoW TBC Classic free of charge. So you won’t have to do anything in this instance. You also have the option to launch the WoW TBC client through the app as well. Once you have logged into one of the clients for the very first time, you will be asked which version of the World of Warcraft game you want to activate. To activate both, you will need to pay a fee if you wish to play as your character in both versions of the game.

Making a Choice and Cloning Your Character

From when the patch goes live, players will need to decide what they are going to do for their WoW Classic character. They can either join up with The Burning Crusade, where the highest possible level is 70. Or, you can remain in the Classic era, where the highest-level stands at 60. You should be aware that if you are going to log into the app that you have an idea of which era you want to go into. The Burning Crusade was the default option prior to the patch going live.

So now that we know what the deal is regarding the transfer of characters, we now need to know what we have to do to clone our characters. To complete this task, you will need to use the Character Clone services. This will allow you to clone your character to take over to the next expansion. Keep in mind that you will need to make your decision regarding your character transfer in another game before you can use this service.

An example of this would be if you have a character that has already been unlocked in The Burning Crusade, you will find that when you log into WoW Classic the name will actually be greyed out for you. The text underneath this will say Clone Available, with a clone icon next to the character. Thus, you will need to hold your cursor over the Clone icon, before clicking if you want to confirm. More information will show up explaining the transition and how it works. You will start to see details about the character, including the clone date, and the progress that the character has made.

To proceed, hit the Continue/Accept option, which will take you over to the store screen. Here you’ll be able to buy the character clone services. After that has been done, you can then use the character in question in WoW Classic if you choose to.

Hopefully that should clear up a lot of questions when it comes to transfer of characters between the two realms, or lack thereof. This should allow you to go back to considering whether to buy WoW TBC gold, or how to go about WoW TBC power leveling. You may even want to look into where you’re going to find the best WoW TBC Classic items as well. Whatever it is you decide to throw your time into researching, at least you are now well on the way to preparing yourself for the impending expansion that lies ahead of you.

What are your thoughts on character transfers from WoW Classic to the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade? Let us know your thoughts or your decision in the comments section below!

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