Women in the Workplace

The growth of any domestic economy is largely dependent on how businesses are performing. Businesses can be large companies that make millions or billions of dollars in yearly revenue or small, local, mom-and-pop shops. While these small-scale stores may not earn nearly as much money as large corporations, they still play a vital role in the economy. They often provide jobs for people in town and help to sustain financial growth. Women have become more and more involved in corporate business as well as local shop owners. For years, men have dominated business; however, women have begun to create a fresh new landscape and continue to pave the way for future female business leaders.


Whether you are a seasoned business owner or looking to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills, learning to use resources can be beneficial. There are many groups and nonprofits to consider that can help you start a business or allow your current project to continue to grow. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently selected Suzanne Clark as its chief executive officer to help be a voice for American businesses. This resource helps connect state and local chambers of commerce to guide local businesses and help create policies such as the Paycheck Protection Program and the #SaveSmallBusiness grant program. Other resources allow women to receive mentoring and training to help them become successful. These outlets support and highlight the advantages of having women in business.


As women become more involved in business, their skill sets are evident. Women bring diversity to a male-dominated field, which allows for more innovation and creativity in large corporations and small businesses. Bringing a different perspective allows for more ideas to be shared and fosters more creative thinking. Creativity can bring about positive change in the work environment and create a more positive experience that allows organizations to continue to thrive. Another advantage to having women in business is their ability to communicate, show empathy, and self-awareness. Although difficult to quantify, these attributes help to foster a healthy workplace where people feel comfortable and can do their best work. Women also contribute a healthy amount of money to the economy. Therefore, it makes smart business sense to put their knowledge and input to work. While women bring many advantages to the workplace, there are many difficulties and challenges they must face daily.


As women continue to change the business landscape, there are constant obstacles that they must navigate. Many fields are still male-dominated and women are underrepresented in many areas such as finance, engineering, and science. This problem could be from the stigma females face about being feminine. This gender bias is also on display when women are forced to deal with subtle comments or inappropriate behaviors that make the work environment uncomfortable. Misinterpreting social cues can also be a problem. Women who are assertive and vocal may be seen as nasty or more aggressive than their male counterparts. Women also struggle when it comes to salary negotiations and receiving equal pay. Men and women are equally vocal when asking for a raise; however, women are less likely to receive one. Although these inequities can be frustrating, there are opportunities for women to capitalize on them.


Making the most of opportunities is paramount to the success of any business venture. Recent policies on gender equality and inclusivity have leveled the playing field for women. Many companies make sensitivity training mandatory to help gain an appreciation for the female experience and foster a healthier workplace environment. More women are also getting degrees in business, which is also providing more opportunities and giving women the knowledge needed to be successful business leaders.

Women have always played an integral role in business. Now, more than ever, women are finding their place as leaders and role models. Despite the challenges, women continue to work and strive for more equity and are finding success at the highest levels.

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