Keep Secure Your Website With Wisesolution’s Linux Reseller Hosting

Are you looking for a reliable and highly secure platform to protect your site from various attacks? Then, for sure, you need a highly secure web hosting platform that ensures your website’s complete security, whether it is about the site data or sensitive information. So, a Web Reseller Hosting is a great choice that ensures your website must be encrypted and password protected.

But sometimes, we never know either the threats come out from spam emails or a private network. So to secure your website data from such attacks in an affordable way, then Linux Reseller Hosting is a perfect solution that encrypts all the data of your server with “ciphertext” to protect against the security threats such as Spam, virus, malware, and various kinds of viruses. To buy the advanced and Best Linux Reseller Hosting plans in India, i would like to recommend Wisesolution – the best web hosting provider.

This guide gives you the perfect solutions to secure your business. Therefore, read out carefully to know how you can secure your website by implementing few security measures and how linux reseller hosting will help you. But first, you need to know which type of security threats you can face while running your website online.

Security Threats for Host a Website Online

When you start your online website, then no doubt you need to work over the web under private network connectivity. So, there is a lot of risk of data loss by various means of attacks. It can either be a network attack or any virus attacks in which hackers can steal your data using phishing, penetrate your website, and more. Therefore, to aware you of such kinds of attacks, we have listed the most common security threats you can be faced while hosting your online website.


Spam is the most common type of virus that attacks on your website via suspicious links. It means hackers will generate a link similar to pages and send it to your Email or try to show it on your website as comments. So when you click on the link, open the comment box, your data will be automatically accessible for them. SEO spam is difficult to detect and comes from volume based user traffic.

WHOIS Domain Registration

When you start your website, at that moment, you need to buy the domain to make it live. So, you need to give the various information like a location and your private information, including name server in this process, that is recorded in WHOIS data. So hackers use such information as a gateway to access your sensitive information. So ensure to go with a trustworthy platform to buy the domain which gives your HTTP protocol instead of trapped your website in hackers’ hands by opting for the wrong platform.

Virus & Malware

Malware and Viruses are similar kinds of attacks, whereas malware stands for malicious Softwares that is considered the most common security threat used in cyber attacks. These malicious attacks are used to hack your private data via users’ information or affiliate links in which hackers try to redirect your visitors to their replica page that is also harmful to you. So, to prevent your website from such attacks, avoid opening weird links or unnecessary clicks on unfamiliar content.

DDoS Attacks

DDoS (Denial of service attacks) widely used to access your data that generally target network, IP address or online machines. DDoS attacks typically use the remote control to send fake emails to your potential customer from the hacked IP address and then usually create unnecessary traffic on your site. On an overloaded traffic website, it might be difficult to separate the normal traffic from the attack traffic, resulting in the denial of service attack.

Search Engine Blacklists

When you don’t take security as a major issue, your site gets hacked easily. Mostly the site will be hacked due to creating backlinks on your website. At that time, hackers take advantage of it and create similar websites or web pages for your potential customers. So when your site gets affected, google diminishes your SEO ranking and hackers site will rank instead of yours. So try to update your software regularly to secure your website from Web page spam, Paid links spam, Rich snippets spam., and much more.

Linux Reseller Hosting Security Features

As you have seen above, various kinds of attacks can be faced by online websites. So, to know how you can protect your site from such scams, you need to choose the secure and best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider that ensures to give you below mentioned security measures. It helps to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access or various kinds of suspicious attacks.

#1. Offer SSL certificates to all of your potential customers

It’s a great move to offer an SSL certificate with cheap Linux reseller hosting to your potential customers. So, a Let’s encrypt security makes it hard for hackers to decrypt code and use the information for their personal purpose or intention to harm your website. It is the best measure to secure your website from scammers and unauthorized attacks.

#2. Offer CDN to All of Your Customers

 At the time when your server processes a request, it might be possible that request is malicious. So, with the reduced request, you can reduce the chances of potential attacks on your system. Therefore, a CDN is the best way. It effectively offloads unnecessary requests and saves your website from being hacked and your system from being corrupted.

#3. Enable ModSecurity

ModSecurity is an open source web application firewall that is supportable for most servers like Apache and much more. But it is best to install on your system that secures your website and system from a wide range of attacks, including SQL injection, trojans, cross website scripting, and most of the common attacks. But you need to use the updated version of the software unless it may harm your system.

#4. Update Software Regularly

You need to always be alert with the latest versions of software you are using on your website, including OS, control panel, database, CMS, and plugins. So, make regular updates in order to secure your website from viruses. Apart from that, a Linux reseller hosting plan ensures to give you the updated software and notify you when a new version of software comes out.

#5 Run Security Scans

It is a very simple and easiest way to secure your website from various kinds of attacks with Linux Reseller Hosting is to run security scans, such as ConfigServer Security and Firewall. It is the most popular and free plugin that is generally used for WHM/cPanel. Apart from it, installing Secure Socket Layer(SSL) certificates can be an error-prone process that protects your website data from vulnerabilities, provides blacklist removal, and much more.

Wisesolution – The Best Solution for Reseller Hosting

To secure your website from third-party or network attacks, you need to host your Reseller Hosting Business on a highly authentic platform that ensures guaranteed data security. For that, unlimited Linux reseller hosting is best, which gives you boundless security measures and open source software at an affordable cost. But it is also important from where you buy such hosting. For that, you need a reliable web host. So, here we have Wisesolution -The Best Reseller Hosting Provider is an entirely trustworthy platform that provides various kinds of web hosting solutions with top notch and end-to-end data encryption security. It helps to protect your data from the different types of DDoS attacks, malicious softwares, trojan viruses, and unauthorized access or attack. Also you can buy a cheap reseller hosting packages with advanced features including Ultra fast server, unlimited bandwidth, free ssl, unlimited data storage, accessible c-panel, autoremote tools and much more at most affordable price.

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The Final Words

As you have gone through this guide, you have seen various possible security threats you can face, and how you can overcome or protect your site by using multiple security measures that we have discussed above in this post. So, to conclude that after taking all the standard security measures, you can secure your website with Linux Reseller Hosting from the broad range of virus attacks and unauthorized access. So, apply all these measures very carefully and enjoy your web hosting without fear of losing your valuable data.

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