Winterize Your Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

According to plumbing experts, the temperature condition of an area doesn’t affect the performance of a water heater without a tank. Then again, the possibility always remains that the harsh cold will freeze the pipes running through the exteriors of your house. Tank-less water heaters can work as they should, regardless of the outdoor weather conditions. They’ll work even if the temperature drops below zero. Experts attribute such a high level of performance to the condenser mechanism of these devices. If you wish to learn more, you should keep reading.

  1. Managing the cold: Today, sewer repair Phoenix experts can offer you tank-less water heaters in both outdoor and indoor versions. These variants come with an inbuilt feature that protects them from freezing temperatures, as well as the water inside. This anti-freeze feature can save a water heater as long as the temperature remains between -22 and -30 degrees Celsius. However, the protective system of your device can deteriorate with time, especially if it has to manage extremely low temperatures constantly.
  2. About the feature: As mentioned above, it’s the condenser mechanism of a tank-less water heater that protects the device against freezing temperatures. This component helps to keep the water warm as it passes through the device. The latest machines function under lower pressure conditions. However, low temperatures experienced during the winter months can force the machine to work harder to handle subzero conditions.
  3. Winterizing it: The providers of water heater repair Phoenix services describe winterizing as the process that ensures your device doesn’t freeze during the coldest months of the year. If you wish to incorporate this procedure, you must turn off the machine and stop the supply of electricity first. You should also unplug it from the power socket to ensure electricity doesn’t flow through the wires anymore.

4. Draining it: The procedure of winterizing a tank-less water heater also incorporates draining it. To do it, you must first cut off the supply of water. You should also get rid of the water remaining inside the heater. Once you take care of these two requirements, you should bring down the water pressure passing into the machine. When you dial down the pressure, you’ll be able to remove all the pipes connecting the device to the supply line. Finally, you need a sealing agent made of plastic to cover the vent termination.

5. Dual venting: There’s another method suggested by sewer repair Phoenix experts. It’s all about dealing with the drainpipe runoff in such a way that it doesn’t freeze in the cold. In general terms, this process involves repositioning the drain pipes at a place that won’t get affected by the outdoor temperature. Once you reposition the lines, you should let a thin stream of water pass through it all the time. This method works like a charm as running water can stand up to freezing better than standing water.

6. Away from the wind: Now, whether you have a concentric system or a dual-vented one, you must keep it facing away from the direction of the wind. The condensation drain tube also requires protection from exposure to the lowest temperatures. Experts suggest installing them in a wall for the same reason.

7. Blowing air: There’s a common phenomenon that affects the water heater. It’s the result of a negative draft drawn in by the furnace through the vent pipe. Naturally, cold air penetrates the system, which, in turn, freezes the water present in the heat exchanger. When it comes to gas-powered machines, you must supply them with enough air to avoid this problem.

8. You need it: Yes, you need to winterize your tank-less water heater to prevent the pipelines from freezing. All the methods elucidated above have been helping people in multiple locations in the USA save their tank-less units during the winter months. Conversely, you can avoid winterizing the heater if your area remains mildly cold in the winter. Only those who reside in freezing temperatures require winterizing. Others don’t need it.

Final words

If you have a reason to believe that you need professional help in winterizing your water heater, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact water heater repair Phoenix service providers. Plumbers are perfectly aware of the frustrating issues people face during the winter months with their water heaters. It’s especially true for first-time homeowners. That’s why they’re always ready and willing to help you with all your plumbing problems. Now, it falls to you to pry out service providers with in-depth experience in all kinds of plumbing jobs.

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