Win Honda Bike By Sending Money To Bangladesh

ACE benefits its consumers in a variety of ways. Customers can send money to Bangladesh using ACE Money Transfer’s secure, easy, and quick digital mobile wallet service.

ACE Money Transfer is the finest for a multitude of reasons. ACE delivers transfer services that are safe, swift, and excellent. Every month or week, ACE surprises its users with fantastic prizes. When consumers send money through ACE, the company provides a range of discounts.

You can also rest sure that when you use the ACE money transfer firm, your cash will arrive on time and without delay to the location you choose.

Send Money to Bangladesh & Win Honda Bike:

With ACE Money Transfer, you can win a brand new Honda Livo motorcycle and a lot more.

Salam Bangladesh is a Bangladeshi peace-building initiative. If you send money to Bangladesh, you can be a part of a weekly drawing for an iPhone 12 Pro and a monthly drawing for a brand new Honda Livo Bike.

  • From September 1, 2021, through November 30, 2021, the Promotion will be in effect.
  • All cash pickups, wallet transactions, and bank deposit transactions performed within the stated time limits will be entered into the lucky draw.
  • A lucky draw will be done once a week.
  • Honda Livo Bikes will be given to the receivers, while iPhone 12 Pros will be given to the senders.
  • The sender has the option of appointing someone in Bangladesh to accept the Bike on their behalf.
  • Only paid transactions will be entered into the lucky draw.
  • To increase the number of entries, send a large sum amount per day.
  • The Honda Livo bike winner is responsible for any personal, advance, and/or withholding tax imposed by local tax rules due to the incentives acquired via this offer, and ACE bears no responsibility for this.
  • The winners will be contacted by ACE through email or phone.
  • The company has full rights to utilize the winners’ information for promotional purposes.
  • The dates stated are subject to change at any time.
  • This agreement is non-transferable and cannot be converted into cash.

ACE Money Transfer’s Best Services:

ACE is a money transfer company that offers a simple, secure, and high-quality way to send money to Bangladesh through the internet.  In this modern era, ACE Money Transfer and many alternatives have developed to make sending money internationally easier, faster, and more reliable. 

  • You can use ACE’s Easy Money Transfers services to send money online.
  • To provide quick transfer services, ACE has collaborated with major payment partners in Bangladesh. 
  • ACE provides the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective money transfer services available.

ACE Money Transfer is very helpful to send money to Bangladesh: 

Whether you need cash pickup or direct bank transactions, ACE has you covered. To make an online money transfer to Bangladesh that is quick, convenient, safe, and secure, follow these steps:

1. Create Account:

Create an ACE Money Transfer account. It’s easy, fast, and painless.

2. Include the following information about the recipient:

Fill in the details for the person to whom you’d want to donate money in Bangladesh.

3. Send money:

Securely complete your transfer.


Ace Money Transfer is dedicated to providing low exchange rates, allowing many clients to conduct secure online transactions daily. Their most significant asset is their loyal clients, who put their trust in them. ACE offers a considerably more comprehensive service to send money to Bangladesh and make it the most efficient method.

ACE Money Transfer is well-known for providing fantastic rewards to its clients. To stay up to speed on upcoming prizes and discounts, visit ACE’s website.

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