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Why you should replace lock after moving your home?

In any case, moving is a complex matter, but one with a nice result – after all, you have your own, completely new home! Nevertheless, it is very important that you take some security and privacy measures and one of those measures is to change the locks on your new home.

Why exactly should you do that and why should you rely on a specialist for this? Both questions deserve a clear answer and the overview below can offer you that!


The main reason why you should have the locks changed on your new home is safety. After all, in certain cases it happens that the previous owner deliberately took a key with him, so that it can still enter your home even if it is your home.

Not an acceptable situation, but it happens. Taking extra security measures is therefore important if you want to ensure the privacy and security of your property. Having your locks replaced guarantees that no one can enter your home – not even the previous owner.


It goes without saying that you want to enjoy optimal security and privacy in your home. A good lock that is sturdy and lasts a long time is essential. If you have your new locks placed by a specialist, you can be sure that your home is optimally secured against both the previous owner and burglars!

Attempted break-in

This may seem logical, but you will be amazed at the amount of people who think that having their locks replaced is not necessary after a break-in or attempted break-in. Having locks replaced after a break-in makes sense, but don’t forget to have them replaced if someone has attempted to gain access to your property for any reason. With attempted break-ins, it’s obvious that someone wants to get in your house. If you don’t have the locks replaced, they may walk in like that next time using a key they stole during their last visit. Therefore do not take any risk. Have your locks replaced if you think someone wants, tried, or succeeded in getting into your home. We are a reputable supplier of a wide range of products, including door locks.


However, not only the previous owner can have a key to your home. As a new owner, you actually do not know who has a key to your property and that is one more reason to have your lock change. In addition, it is always a good idea to have new locks placed by a specialist if the current locks are already old and worn out.

If you are wondering what having new locks installed will cost you, then there is no need to panic. After all, in many cases it is sufficient to have only the cylinder of the lock replaced and not the entire lock. This last option is after all a lot more expensive than the first at a specialist locksmith – and the result is almost the same (unless of course there is something wrong with the lock as a whole)!

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