Why You Should Quit Smoking Now

Tobacco is deleterious to health, no matter how you consume it. Tobacco products have absolutely no good in them. It contains high amounts of tar and nicotine. You inhale carbon monoxide every time you light up a cigarette. So, it is not just the lungs that are affected by smoking but the entire body.

Smoking can have long-term effects on your body, leading to highly complicated systemic diseases. Some of the effects may also be immediate. These include smoker’s cough, drowsiness, and poor vision.

Some people take up smoking as a pastime, while some seek it to escape the day-to-day stress of life. While without a doubt, our lives have become fast-paced, there are a variety of ways we can cope with stress. These things include healthy activities like exercise, getting house help, or Smart Home Products to do the daily home chores.

Here are a few effects that smoking may have on your body.

Nervous System

Nicotine is one of the essential components of tobacco smoke. Nicotine can alter brain function as it rapidly reaches the brain. The initial effect of nicotine may make you feel energetic and active, however, as time goes by, the initial effect ceases and is replaced by more restlessness, lethargic mood, and addiction. The addiction potential of nicotine is very high which is why it may not take you much time after the first to crave for more. Similarly, it may also get extremely difficult to combat the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine if you do try to give up smoking. Withdrawal symptoms of nicotine involve physical and mental health. People who give up nicotine may feel anxious, have fluctuating moods, and mostly seem depressed and irritable. Physical withdrawal effects include frequent headaches and problems with sleep regulation.

Respiratory System

It is no surprise that smoking affects the respiratory system the most. This is because the smoke directly enters your airway. So, one of the major damages can be seen in the lungs of a smoker. Lung infections are very common in smokers as their lungs become very vulnerable and weak. Infections may also have long-term irreversible effects like emphysema, a condition where the tiny air sacs of your lungs are destroyed; and chronic bronchitis, another condition that causes inflammation of the air sacs and the tiny breathing tubes to which they are attached. If you do decide to quit smoking you may experience withdrawal symptoms from your respiratory system. These include congestion and a little chest discomfort. However, these are the signs that tell you that your lungs are healing from the damage. The initial signs are that your lungs will produce a lot of mucus. If you have children in your house then you may be causing damage to their respiratory systems too. Passive smoking is also bad. There are more chances of your children developing respiratory diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma.

The Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system is the third most affected system by smoking. The heart is one of the major organs of the body which is why special care should be taken for its health and wellbeing. Smoking threatens your entire cardiovascular system and makes you more prone to diseases. One of the important effects nicotine has on our body is that it hardens and tightens the blood vessels. This hampers the blood flow to the heart and the rest of the body. Tightening of blood vessels for the long term can cause damage to the arteries and peripheral artery disease. The consequence of these is that you can get hypertensive, have weaker blood vessels, and have blood clots. This can also result in a stroke resulting in an increased risk of stroke. While smokers are negatively affecting their own cardiovascular health they also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease for those around them inhaling secondhand smoke.

Skin, hair, and nails

Skin changes are one of the most signs of smoking. The skin structure is immensely affected by tobacco smoke. It also increases the risk of some types of skin cancers. Fungal nail infections are a very common effect of smoking as our nails are not immune to the negative effects of smoking. For hair, smoking causes greying and hair loss which may lead to balding.

Digestive System

It is not a surprise that smoking causes most of the upper gastrointestinal tract cancers like cancer of the mouth, esophagus, larynx, and throat. The risk of getting pancreatic cancer also increases. Mouth cancers are also pretty common among individuals who smoke but avoid inhaling. Insulin resistance is also one of the major effects of smoking. This leads to an increased risk of having diabetes. Diabetes is a complicated disease and often leads to many other problems.

Final Thoughts

Smoking is harmful to the body. So, if you smoke you should stop immediately. It is often difficult to quit smoking because of the withdrawal effects but it is not impossible. However, a professional can always help you out. There are many drugs that can be taken with or without a prescription to help you quit this habit. You can also get motivation from a support group where people have quit smoking. To live a happier and much more wholesome life it is better that you find some way to quit smoking. If smoking is your coping mechanism for stress then find other healthier ways to cope with stress. Have a company of friends that do not smoke and discourage you too.

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