Why You Should Not Settle Your Car Accident Claim Early

If you were harmed in a car accident, you must get in touch with car accident attorneys Los Angeles before you settle your claim. An experienced attorney has successfully represented car accident victims for many years. They can help you settle your injury claim for maximum value. 

Reject the Initial Settlement Offer

Often, an insurance claims adjuster will make a lowball initial offer. Indeed, even their future offers won’t reflect the true value of your claim. Settling your claim too soon will make you lose your chances to maximize your settlement. 

Once an insurance adjuster gets your medical bills and records, they will calculate the value of your claim based on them. Unfortunately, they will not pay the worth of your claim. Instead, they will try to pay you as little as possible. Before you decide to settle your claim, consult your attorney first to make sure you recover every dollar you deserve. 

Improve Your Car Accident Claim Before You Settle It

By settling your claim early, you also lose the chance to boost your claim. By strengthening your claim, you can settle for more money. Your attorney can collect evidence to support your claim. 

The majority of insurance adjusters will justify their initial offer by pinning some of the blame on the injured victim. When you settle your case early, you might not be able to collect enough evidence to prove that full liability must fall on the other driver. Your attorney helps you get evidence by speaking with eyewitnesses, getting surveillance videos, hiring expert witnesses, and cross-examining the other driver. By visiting this site you can know this about workshops

Get Your Injuries Treated

If you don’t accept the initial offer from the insurance company, you can recover more compensation if your injuries become worse. Indeed, after you settle your case, you won’t be able to ask for more money from the insurance company if you need surgery. 

Thus, you must only settle your case when your treating physician declares you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). Although this means you are completely free of your injury, it indicates you have improved as much as you will improve. Thus, your doctor has ruled out the potential for future medical improvement. But, if your physician thinks you still need future treatment, they will develop a treatment plan for you that you can use to improve the value of your case. If you are not sure whether you require medical treatment in the future, speak with your lawyer.

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