Malayalam is the official regional language of Kerala, God’s land. There are so many people who do not live in Kerala but want to learn the language because of its beauty and flexibility. People are also persuaded that Malayalam should be designated as India’s official language. The explanation for this is that a small number speaks the Malayalam language of people worldwide. It is also the only language with the exact spelling from left to right and right to left, which is considered a palindrome.

Things You Need to Know About Malayalam Keyboard:

When you use a keyboard, and it works well, you can not give it much thought. However, if you come across a genuinely dependable and smooth one, you will undoubtedly find it. They make using a smartphone more enjoyable. The majority of the population uses English keyboards, with only a few exceptions using the other available option. It’s either because they’re uncomfortable or used to these keyboards.
To begin with, some apps include features such as regional languages and smoothness, which makes it more accessible and quicker. The keyboard consists of sticker packs for regional languages, a free app, no in-app purchases, and more.

When it comes to the availability of Malayalam typing keyboards today, numerous companies offer them. Although some incorporate features such as typing with a mouse and spell checking, there is one that brings your experience to a whole new level. It has the advantage of speech-to-text, fun stickers, and everyday slang. Overall, it keeps contact and talks going.

  •  Manglish typing keyboard apps online and other regional language keyboards have recently gained prominence. Compared to other languages, it is considered the most authentic, and it helps a large portion of the South Indian population. Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, and Karnataka are among the states that speak it. As the Malayalam keyboard gains popularity in India and globally, a large number of people are likely to turn over.
  •  It has a built-in keyboard layout that makes typing easier. Such a standardized model facilitates learning to type on such a keyboard.
  • Since most of the population understands English to Malayalam typing, using such keyboards is widely appreciated and welcomed. The user benefits from language switching or the voice typing feature. It is easy to use and entertaining.
  • The user-friendly keyboard has inspired and attracted a large number of young people. They download such keyboards to improve their Malayali skills and have fun with its features. The keyboard has proven to be a big success for them.
  • Malayalam can thus be defined as a pleasant language with a significant presence nationally and globally. It is clear that with the number of people willing and eager to learn this language, it will become a commonly spoken language very soon. With such enthusiasm, many people would want to try their hand at such keyboards.
  • Choose keyboards that will help you build a chatty atmosphere with your loved ones and make your conversation more meaningful.

  • Make the most of this keyboard by being expressive and creating memories with your loved one. Express your feelings and spend time talking to your friends and family using this keyboard to break the monotony of old, repetitive conversations. Share news, jokes, and memes using the app’s built-in features. Let us help the Malayali who made this for all of us. The person who ensured that the Malayali touch was applied to every aspect of it.

Here Are Seven Reasons Why Users Will Fall In Love With Malayalam Keyboard :

  • Sticker and GIF Library: Memes, emoticons, and stickers are common among today’s socially connected generations. Almost every community chat has a sticker library. The youth regard online chats as incomplete unless they have stickers. These keyboard apps’ Malayalam Stickers are a perennial favorite among users of all ages, making them even more popular.
  •  English to Malayalam: These keyboard applications enable users to type in Malayalam using the Malayalam Keyboard directly. It also allows users to type in Malayalam using English alphabets translated. This function is helpful for both beginners and those who are still studying Malayalam.
  • Quick typing: These Keyboard Apps often provide Glide typing and a voice-to-text function that converts users’ speech to typed text. It is helpful for multitasking and increases the user’s productivity when interacting.
  • Personalization: These apps enable their users to personalize their experience. It allows them to make stickers out of their selfies. It suggests stickers based on the typed text by using Artificial Intelligence. The keyboard’s appearance can be customized using themes from the Theme Library or by designing a custom theme. There are also live themes, and as a bonus, by using the IPL themes, users can receive live IPL updates on their keyboard.
  •  One-of-a-Kind Features: Each of these keyboard applications offers a one-of-a-kind collection of features. The stickers also have a sound effect that can be customized. These applications do not require internet access to include Malayalam typing. When it comes to user protection and privacy, it is incredibly dependable and trustworthy. It also suggests corrections for typos to users.
  •  Free to use: The best thing is that it offers all of these features for free.


Select and download the best Malayalam Keyboard for Android  from the play store or App Store and get started. It’s never been easier to learn and use a keyboard in a fun way. It is a popular option among Malayali users and beginners who need to communicate in Malayalam. Keep your voice typing, and you’ll be fine. Daily Jokes, real-time stickers, fun fonts, and many other features can keep you interested, and what better reason to select a keyboard than ease of typing?

So without wasting further time, grab your hands on the best Malayalam Keyboard today!

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