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Why use stickers to promote your business

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Advertising stickers are produced in all sorts of sizes. It is also possible to produce a free form. Determine what you want to use the sticker for and choose the right material. Applications are car advertising sticker, lettering, floor stickers, window stickers, outside stickers, etc.
Our online module has already made a selection for you, making ordering easy. If you cannot find a solution, sticker experts will be happy to help you make the right choice.

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Unique way of advertising

Advertising is always and everywhere. How do you stand out from all the regular? With an advertising sticker, the customer is guaranteed to take action. These stickers are made of high-quality material and have a razor-sharp print. Spread your message effectively with eye-catching colors and a unique shape. Place the sticker where desired and increase your sales. The advertising stickers are competitively priced and suitable for private and business customers.

Why a sticker?

Advertising stickers are durable stickers with a long lifespan. The stickers produced on vinyl are taken as standard. Vinyl stickers are UV resistant, so the crisp colors will not fade when exposed to sunlight. On average, the print remains sharp for three to five years with daily light. Thanks to the weather resistance, the stickers can be used indoors and outdoors.

Alternative to traditional advertising

Advertising stickers are the best alternative to traditional advertising and are competitively priced. Simply request a quote and receive a message back the same day with the best deal.

Advertising with Floor stickers

Floor stickers are an eye-catcher in the store, business premises or trade fair. Stickers on floors are used as a communication platform for promotions, signage or embellishment of the street scene. Your message will be highlighted with a unique design. Choose an eye-catching shape and color and place it on a pressure point for the widest range. 

Anti-slip sticker

There are anti-slip sticker produced for floor, as they are used in busy places, they must be of high quality, stick well and damage as little as possible. To make them scratch resistant and waterproof, the sticker is provided with a protective layer. This layer is called a laminating layer and is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and provided with a thick anti-slip layer. The sticker is also easy to clean, which is very handy when people walk over it.

Floor stickers outside and inside

Floor stickers are produced on monomeric vinyl that is provided with a strong permanent or removable adhesive layer, both remain perfectly in place. The vinyl is UV resistant and weather resistant. Then the vinyl gets a full color print after which the laminate is placed. The laminate protects against external influences.

On the flyleaf there is a breakaway slit which makes the sticker easy to remove and easy to place on the flat surface. Suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces, for example cast floors, laminate, concrete, asphalt, sidewalk tiles, pavers and tile floors. Removing a floor sticker is easy and does not leave any adhesive residue on the floor. 

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