Why Should You Consider Migrating Your Existing App to React Native?

If you are using native app development for handling your digital presence, it’s time to migrate your existing app to a cross-platform framework. By not leveraging the benefits of cross-platform compatibility, you are missing out on the potential of cross-platform capabilities. You might wonder which tool you should use, how much app functionality you should migrate, how it is different for iOS and Android, etc. Well, launched in 2015 by Facebook, React Native has proven to be one of the best platforms and a one-stop solution for cross-platform applications giving a native-like experience to your apps.

The scalability and increased flexibility React Native holds are no match for any other platform. This open-source framework enables developers to build almost similar web views for Android and iOS that are available for native applications. Features like Live Reloading and Hot Reloading cut down on the wait times required for changes and release of the app, enhancing developer productivity. The system provides you with a state-independent aspect, even during a state change. With React architectures powering both mobile and the web UI, there’s another potential for code reuse. Instead of hiring separate iOS and Android developers, you can divert those resources to bring in a good React Native developer. Thanks to a single code base, the development cost gets cut, and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be built faster than ever.

In reality, any React Native view acts as a native view, and you can combine native iOS and Android views with React Native views. This provides for a gradual transition where you choose which parts of the application to migrate to React Native first. According to statistics, with over 42% of developers choosing React Native, the wide community explores how to offset any challenges while working with React.

React Native is a splendid choice for your brand if you plan to develop a mobile app from scratch. Many of you might be apprehensive of what will happen to native components while migrating, or is migrating an existing app a viable strategy? But with React native development services, you need not worry. The migration of your app can be done at any stage of its development. You must keep in mind that the more the migration, the more code will exist. Thus, it is noteworthy to set what part needs to be migrated and its complexity level to get assured of the decision. Also, hiring a React Native app development team that is well-acquainted with the idea of migration is a must to escape unnecessary coding and effort.

With TechAhead, a leading React Native app development company, migrating your existing app to React Native is seamless, fast, and hassle-free. TechAhead excels in migrating and/or upgrading applications to the latest, efficient, and cost-effective technology platforms to give you a pain-free experience. They have a leading team of React Native specialists possessing a proven track record of extracting the most out of React Native capabilities and delivering high-quality React Native apps in record time.

There have been many instances where industry giants have migrated their applications in order to increase developer productivity and reduce time to market. If the objective is straightforward, migration can prove to be a positive idea in the longer run. Some famous examples being:


Walmart’s decision to migrate to React Native grew from displeasure with the company’s hybrid web-based-views-based mobile app that delivered a weak user experience. The company chose React Native for integrating cross-platform compatibility between true native and a cross-platform framework. React Native proved to be the optimal solution to improve the UX for e-buyers.


Discord migrated 20% of its web UI logic to React Native (iOS only). Its iOS app is the result of the migration of vast chunks of Redux store and logic and actions from React to React Native.

The instances of Walmart and Discord both display how these brands leveraged React Native for the progress of their organization. There are several other success stories of app migration to React Native. Although there can be obstacles and challenges in migrating the whole app or some of its functionalities in quite a few scenarios, there’s no challenge that a talented developer team can’t overcome.

TechAhead, being one of the best B2B app development companies in USA, has successfully delivered extremely versatile and feature-rich cross-platform React Native apps within tight deadlines. If you are seeking a reliable solution for all your business needs, you may consider reaching out to mobile consultants at TechAhead.

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