Why should I pay for the refuelling service in Car Rental?

Many customers often disagree with the non-refuelling charge,  we explain the reason for this expense: the collection and delivery system takes into account only and exclusively the return and exit of vehicles in the fleet and the rental companies have as a reference the vehicle returning with the same standards provided for in the delivery of the vehicle

  • Vehicle in perfect condition
  • amount of fuel corresponding to the output of the vehicle
  • state of the external bodywork, interior and tires intact.

So everything that corresponds to the outgoing state,  in return provides the same state of use. In the case of rental cars and what to do with fuel,  having to restore the level, compared to full-full,  requires an attendant who will have to go to the refuelling station  (not all rental agencies have an adjacent station) to restore the level and then return the vehicle to the delivery garage.

These operations, in addition to committing the employee’s working hours, could cause delays in the allocation system.

In the case of our Miami car rental under 21, we have foreseen a fuel allocation system in the state of not full to allow the customer not to have unpleasant surprises in the event of non-refuelling by calculating the minimum refuelling in the case.


As we have seen in refuelling for rented cars there is no single rule, the only precaution that is essential to adopt is to inquire in advance to avoid encountering nasty surprises.

As we have seen, there are three options relating to how to return the car

  • you can decide to return the machine with a full tank
  • to return the machine with the tank only partially full (and in this case have the amount corresponding to the missing litres charged on the credit card)
  • to pay in advance for a full tank of petrol at the beginning and then return the car with an empty tank.


To understand what the rental agency’s request is, all you have to do is check what is written in the contract, usually under the heading that shows the car rental conditions.

The possibility of choosing between several options cannot be excluded, and in this circumstance, it is up to the customer to decide, based on his own needs and convenience; in this regard, it is worth knowing that as we have previously evaluated, letting the gasoline that is missing in the credit card be charged is the least advantageous solution from an economic point of view.

Much depends, however, on the number of kilometres you intend to cover and on the rental days.


We have seen the options relating to rental cars and what to do with fuel, in a fairly detailed guide, however, we advise you, before collecting the vehicle, to carefully evaluate all the penalties provided for in the rental agreement.

Remember that only and exclusively expert personnel will be able to respond serenely to your requests and advise you in the best possible way in choosing the solution that best suits your needs.

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