Why Rent a Car With eZhire on a Long-term Basis?

In today’s world, everyone is in a rush. They have to go there workplace on time and reach home as early as possible. In every desired destination, they want to go on time. And when reaching out to targeted places safely and on time eZhire is a trusted name.

Currently, we are providing you with our services in GCC countries. They are UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman. Also, we are providing you with our 24/7 services. Our team responds to our clients in kind of transporting issues.

Owing a car is a matter of pride also; it has a few hassles that you can’t avoid. Maintenance, driver, and license fees all take huge money and time. Considering this we launch our rent a car with eZhire on a long-term basis. It will make your daily journey more manageable and happier.

Why rent a car on a long-term basis?

In GCC countries, long-term car rental services significantly impact regular transport-based communication. As the public transport system is not equally developed in these countries, hiring a private car is the best option as normal transport.

A rental car is the best option if you are an office employee or temporarily visiting the country. Especially when you are leaving the country after completion of the tour, the car you were using won’t be an issue.


Though hiring cars regularly is not so costly but on a long-term basis is more cost-effective. But hiring a car on a long-term basis can save you significant money. Most of the providers offer discounts on a monthly rental system. That’s why it can save your money by 30 to 40% compared to hiring a car on a short-term basis.

Also, hiring a car for the long term can save you from the trap of buying a new car. Because on a tight budget, you won’t afford a quality car, and that will be very costly to maintain.


A long-term rental car is much more user-friendly than owning a car. Now let me explain how it is. Assume you are going for a long distance, like thousand miles, so in this case, you can go for a fuel-efficient car. And if you are going to a party or a ceremony, you can go for a nice, good-looking car. It’s all about your mood and destination.

You can choose the car you want. And the interesting fact is that we offer our customers to change the car mid-way. If you face any issues on the road, our car and team will reach out to you as early as possible. So hopefully, we will be able to provide you with the best user-friendly service.

Experiencing almost new cars

Usually, ordinary companies offer old models and unfit cars in their rent-a-car services. But we are providing you with almost new cars that will give you an incredible experience and the ultimate comfort.

Also, we will provide you with luxury cars to build a premium image for the world. So it is an excellent opportunity to experience driving a luxury car without purchasing it.

Effortless and hassle-free

One of the best features of a long-term rental car is that it can be used effortlessly and hassle-free. If you choose a convenient provider like us, your journey will definitely be very much comfortable. You have to go through in an effortless way to take our services.

Just download our app from the Google play store or visit our website. Choose the package you like most and prefer. We will reach out to you on your exact location as soon as possible. And our mission is to satisfy our customers by providing an effortless and hassle-free service.

Privacy and safety

Sometimes it is intimidating to travel with strangers in a car and uncomfortable to travel in public transport with a crowd. Rather than this, if you go for a long-term rental car service, you will have a great experience and comfort.

Also, swapping cars is a great feature that we are providing to our customers, where our clients can have the best experience of various kinds of cars on a single long-term booking.

When you are outside of your country, comfort and safety should be the top priority. And considering our customer’s comfort and safety, we launch our long-term rental car service. We assure our clients about a journey with proper security and privacy.

How to rent a car on a long-term basis?

To rent a car in Sharjah on a long-term basis, you have to download eZhire mobile application from the Google play store, apple store and from Hawaii app gallery. After downloading the app, register with an id or passport and provide a local authority-permitted driving license. After submitting all the documents, you will be able to get access to purchase our services. You can select your favourite car; eZhire offers a wide range of vehicles such as Sedan and economy cars, sports or luxury cars as well as if someone is looking for SUV rent a car in Dubai, eZhire offers mid size and large size SUVs from all famous brands.
Select the daily, weekly and monthly package and provide your current location to get the service you need. Our car will reach out to your site as soon as possible.

One thing you must remember while choosing a monthly car rental in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, the auto-renewal system will be activated automatically, unless you stop this and choose your required period, as compared to other rental car companies, eZhire is much more comfortable and easy to use. Once you change your mood the mid-way, just inform us; our team will reach out to you for any kind of assistance wherever you are.


We as a company are committed to our customers to provide them with an excellent rental car service. Our mission and vision are to be the proud partner of their transport-based journey and communication. The large amount of satisfied customers we have is a sign of the quality service that we have been providing for years.

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