Why Pick Up Books before Bed

The success stories surrounding the habit of reading books will leave you baffled. From Elon Musk to Warren Buffet, all have admitted to spending around 6 hours of their day with their noses in a book. If you take out an average, every CEO reads approximately 60 books per year!

These people are some of the busiest on the planet, yet they take out time to read a book. Although videos and audiobooks are some of the options, reading before bedtime is the best time to wind down, allowing yourself the time to gain new knowledge and information. 

Since late night books help you fall asleep faster, why not give them a try. You will get to sleep better and end up learning new things! 

Why Read Before Sleeping

Helps Fight Stress

You get tired and worked up throughout the day. When it is time for bed, your mind is on a mental marathon whereby you are contemplating tomorrow’s to-do list as well as any and every other possible thing. By getting immersed in a good book, your mind gets off from the current information, and you find your stress levels fall by up to 68%. 

Brain Power Increases

Reading enables an increase in knowledge that is a guaranteed way to make you smarter. The more you learn from the books, the smarter you get. You don’t have to rely solely on non-fiction books. Even fiction and fantasy books expand your vocabulary and exercise your brain. 

More Focused

Reading helps you become more focused in life. At Bob Miller Writes, you have an incredible collection of late-night books that you will enjoy reading before bed. You won’t need to scroll through social media as the immersive story will offer information. You become more focused on a single topic for several hours, and so exercise your mind to improve your attention span. 


Usually, you are more focused on your own selves. A story gives you a chance to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It will change your perspective in life and help you become more empathetic towards others. Your perspective on life changes so much so that you will notice for yourself the changes. 

More Peace and Serenity 

Books put your mind to peace, unlike the havoc movies and television shows cause in your mind. Imagine curling up in your blanket with a thick book and herbal tea. Nothing could be more divine! You feel relaxed as there is nothing else to distract you. You sit comfortably, engrossed in your book, with all the troubles fading off into the distance. 

Reading is the perfect way to end your day. Here at Bob Miller Writes, you have an incredible list of late-night books that will increase your knowledge, provide you with a good and informative time, and put you to sound sleep! 

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