Christopher Nolan, the brilliant filmmaker who began his career with a $6,000 budget, is today known for his multimillion-dollar blockbusters. Nolan is known for his magnificent, tense, realistic photography and meticulous, unique, mind-blowing screenplays. Most of his films should be watched again to fully comprehend them – Nolan masterfully blends complex stories with good film grammar and perplexing shot angles to keep the audience enthralled.

Every filmmaker should study Nolan’s films since he is a rare director who knows how to both conceive and present a gripping storey on screen. I recognise that it is not my place to rate all of Nolan’s outstanding films, but as someone who admires and attempts to comprehend his filmmaking approaches, here is my ranking of feature films directed by Nolan.

“Following”  (1998)

“Following,” Nolan’s first feature film, cemented his international status as a writer and filmmaker. With only a $6,000 budget, amateur lighting, and 16 mm film stock, Nolan shot “Following.” At the start of his professional career, Nolan was young, ambitious, and full of ideas. While viewing this picture, one can understand how practical Nolan can be, even on a shoestring budget, because the product is not from someone who tried to be a filmmaker, but rather from someone who was born with the gift of filmmaking intelligence.

“Insomnia” (2002)

“Insomnia” is a remake of a Norwegian crime thriller from 1997 about a defective officer with a tumultuous history. The protagonist and antagonist have a close, personal relationship, and the storyline is unpredictable. The plot is more reasonable, human, and sympathetic than Nolan’s recent films.

“Insomnia” is one of the most memorable crime films ever made. However, the film can be dull because nothing happens. After working indie for a while, Nolan established that he understands the balance between a professional budget and a relatively small budget by working within a studio system with a significant budget without going overboard with the production.

“The Dark Knight Rises”  (2012)

The third and final episode of “The Dark Knight” trilogy may not receive as much attention as the renowned sequel featuring Heath Ledger as the Joker, but it does not disappoint.

One of the factors that contribute to the film’s success is its excellent casting. With Bane’s statement to Batman, Nolan once again made us think about our life choices: “Peace has cost you your power.” You have been defeated by victory.”

“Tenet”  (2020)

No one expected Nolan to carry the mind-bending storyline even further after his masterwork “Inception” strained the boundaries of reality. However, after seeing “Tenet,” I believe there are no more boundaries.

This detailed analysis of Tenet reveals that it is a wonderful film that pushes the boundaries of reality, but it’s not for the casual viewer – it becomes deeper as it goes on, leaving the audience with no choice but to see it again.

“Interstellar”  (2014)

Only Nolan could concoct an original plot about the psychological and interpersonal effects of traveling through a cosmic wormhole. “Interstellar” is unlike any other science fiction film about space and aliens.

“Memento” (2000) 

Following the popularity of “Following,” Nolan had a bigger budget and made “Memento,” a full-length film noir that people couldn’t stop talking about in the 2000s.

The story is dark and melancholy, and it is based on an original short story by Nolan’s brother, Jonathan, with whom he collaborated frequently during his career. “Memento” is one of Nolan’s best films because of its photography, score, storyline, and study of the protagonist’s mind from beginning to end.

“Inception” (2010) 

The most famous and mind-bending Nolan film is about dream manipulation. The plot is brilliant and the most creative concept.

The film’s grammar is excellent, and the shooting angles and sights are breathtaking, adding to the picture’s perplexity. “Inception” was ahead of its time with its contradictory storyline and complex ending, as well as a strong cast, and people can’t stop talking about it even after a decade.

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