Why Is It Recommended to Sit Up in Bed?

There’s a huge back-and-forth about whether or not sitting up in bed is good for your back health. Should you sit up in bed in order to work comfortably, or should you avoid sitting in your bed at all, instead choosing to opt for a more comfortable, work-friendly environment?

Should I Sit in my Bed?

Where you should work depends greatly on what makes you the most comfortable. Comfortability is tied to motivation, so if you aren’t comfortable, you aren’t going to get as much work done.

However, there’s also a lot of information out there about how staying in bed for too long can be linked to certain mental health problems, such as increased depression and anxiety. Getting out of bed can help to decrease the side effects of those issues, even though it may seem impossible.

So, when it comes to where you should work, working at a table or desk is the best option for you. However, if you aren’t able to or you don’t have access to any other type of work surface, you can make your bed work for you.

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Bad Posture Associated with Sitting in Bed

When people sit in bed and work on their laptop or read a book, they’re almost always doing it wrong. For example, sitting cross-legged (while comfortable) can be horrible for your body, cutting off blood flow to your legs, causing damage.

Sitting up in bed is recommended because it allows you to have the best posture possible for what you’re doing. If you’re not sitting up completely, you could strain your neck by looking down at your screen, or you could damage your back.

When sitting completely upright, you’re more likely to have better posture. However, your posture is greatly affected by other things too, like your pillows and the location of your laptop.

How to Sit in Bed Properly

The best, most comfortable way to sit up in bed is with your back resting against your headboard with pillows to support you, and your laptop on your lap. For this position, it’s best if your legs are out straight in front of you. With your knees bent, it can be hard to find a good balance with your laptop.

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Arranging Your Pillow Correctly

To make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible, you’ll also want to set up some pillows. Leaning against your headboard without any support can be incredibly uncomfortable, but pillows can help with that. Just like with an office chair, you require lumbar support.

A bolster pillow can help provide you the support you need by pressing into your lower back. You may also want to opt for a slimmer pillow to put behind your upper back. This will prevent your shoulder blades from digging into the hard material that your headboard is made out of.

Another great way to increase your support and comfort is to put a small pillow (a bolster pillow will work) underneath your knees so they aren’t lying completely flat.

Use the Right Gadgets

While you can find comfort by placing your laptop on your lap, it may also cause your neck to strain a bit. A great way to reduce discomfort from neck strain is to put your laptop on a lap desk, raising up your laptop so it’s closer to eye level. This will help prevent pain in your neck and shoulders.

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Finding What Works Best For You

When sitting up in bed, whether to read a book or finish up some work later in the evening, it’s all about finding the position that’s most comfortable for you. Our bodies are different, so what works for you others may not work for you. Find your perfect setup and roll with it.

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