Why & How Should You Consume CBD?

Recently, CBD, aka cannabidiol, had become a household name, but it was almost unheard of in the typical American home before. However, in 2018 regulations were passed allowing CBD to be sold and consumed with no legal consequence, as long as the THC levels were kept under 0.3%, a minuscule amount not sufficient to produce a “high.” As a result, CBD has exploded into the marketplace; since CBD is consumable in many forms, many products have become available.

However, a lot of folks remain unsure of what CBD is. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound residing in the Cannabis plant. There are well over a hundred molecules in the Cannabis plant, including THC, the chemical in weed known to produce a high. However, CBD does not have any properties that produce a high but does offer a wide array of health benefits. When you mix fantastic health benefits with not experiencing any unwanted perception of being high, it’s no wonder CBD has become a household name.

So now that we know what CBD is let’s talk about how it functions in the body. The realm of science discovered the Endocannabinoid System; in short, the ECS affects every aspect of daily life. Affecting everything from mood, temperaments, levels of energy, immune strength, pain perception, and many others. New figures show how therapeutic modulating the ECS can be on one’s overall health and well-being. This is why CBD supplementation has shown hope in treating such a wide variety of sicknesses.

Around the globe, quite promising studies are being carried out on how CBD can assist with conditions such as arthritis and other autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, ADHD, Chrons, and much more. ¬†In addition, most individuals¬†use CBD for pain relief, anxiety and as a sleep aid. A primary reason CBD helps people with sleep is how well it does with alleviating anxiety

Now that we understand what CBD is and how it works, how do people consume it? The research concluded that future research might produce novel ways to use CBD oil as an effective antibiotic. The four standard CBD consumption methods are:

Under The Tongue – One of the first ways people took CBD was sublingually or under the tongue. However, nowadays, it is rare to see people take CBD in this manner.

Smoking – The CBD bud can be smoked, akin to the marijuana plant. For those who don’t like real smoke, then vaping is an option.

Topically – There are numerous creams available to be rubbed on the skin.

Eaten – This is perhaps the most popular way people consume CBD today. There are hundreds of recipes on the market to infuse various foods with CBD oil, even edibles like CBD gummies.

Presently CBD can be found in many nutrition stores. But, most people prefer to seek their CBD products online. Many online CBD stores are geared towards varying CBD-related products, from CBD vape cartridges to CBD candies, the Best Buds CBD Store found at While the science is quite promising, CBD is new to the general public and the medical community; it is highly recommended that you consult with your physician prior to beginning any CBD routine.

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