Why Forex Fury is Highly Regarded by Real Traders?

I have observed how automated trading has become a big thing in the forex trading market for the past years.

Like other traders, I also aimed to boost my gains while avoiding risks. That is why I researched automated solutions and discovered Forex Fury in 2019. Since then, I have seen a significant difference in my trading performances.

At first, I was unsure of how to use the custom settings. As I noticed great satisfying results and improvements in my ROI, I stuck to using this expert advisor (EA) and customized the settings for better opportunities.

I am not the only one who was amazed by the incredible features and functionalities of Forex Fury EA; more and more forex traders are using it. If you wonder why real traders highly regard this forex trading bot, keep reading on Forex Robot Nation.

What is Forex Fury? 

In a nutshell, Forex Fury refers to an EA robot with the capabilities of handling online trading. This feature-loaded bot helps traders secure profitable trading and operates under volatile market conditions.

Forex Fury provides all the necessary trading facilities of various pairs. It utilizes an advanced algorithm with a 360 view of the trading situations to minimize investment risks and save traders the hurdles from looking at all profitable online trading intricacies.

This automated EA is compatible with MT4, MT5, FIFO, NFA, and other trading platforms. It comes with tried-and-tested settings and works in a low-risk trading environment. The 20 percent or less drawdown is advantageous for beginners and traders with limited market experience and knowledge.

Some of the impressive features of this EA include money management strategy, ECN support, MT4, and MT5 brokerage compatibility, making it one of the best-automated trading solutions on the market.

How I Use Forex Fury EA?

Many traders would agree with me that Forex Fury is a fascinating AI-powered robot that streamlines forex trading. However, you may be curious about the best settings to use and how the bot works.

Beware that Forex Fury does not work with similar settings for all trading types. Instead, it comes with multiple settings dedicated to a variety of users. For advanced traders, they can use robust algorithms are designed to meet their needs.

I consider testing multiple pairs to ensure that the trading bot provider a powerful performance. I recommend applying one pair at a time since Forex Fury operates with various functions on a single pair. That way, it ensures optimal use of the available resources.

If you are not sure about choosing a particular pair, you can try installing the MT4 platform, and do not forget to set up several demo accounts. Many traders appreciate this EA because it runs unlimited tests, unlike other EA providers out there.

When it comes to using EA for automated trading, testing time is one of the most critical things. Remember that your decision has a huge impact on how the bot works during favorable market conditions, so you have to be careful when setting the time. For instance, 4 to 5 EST or 9 to 10 pm GMT is a recommended trading time. You may also need to trade for one hour, which is enough time to ensure risk-free trading and effective performance. Other suitable trading timing can be 8 to 11 pm or 2 pm to 4 am GMT.

What Most Traders Like About Forex Fury!

I will be honest here; I love everything about Forex Fury. I only spent less than five minutes installing this EA. After the payment, I did not wait too long to receive the downloadable link to complete the registration process. All video tutorials and other necessary guides were also included.

Someone who wants to use this forex trading robot does not need prior experience. Even a beginner with zero trading knowledge can use it without hassle.

On the EA’s official website, you will find live or demo trading results. This software works on the low-high-return strategy principle. All Myfxbook accounts are easy to click, so you can access them as quickly as possible and even check details. It opens up to seven trades simultaneously and does not hold them open for a long time.

This trading EA utilizes an advanced, reliable scalping technique running on the M15 timeframe. The software was originally built for one currency pair, which is the GBPUSD. However, it managed to work with other pairs later on. Due to more than 60 automatic updates, this EA can now with multiple pairs, such as XAUUSD, AUDJPY, EUROUSD, USDCHF, and many more.

Forex Fury provides excellent customer support. I had personally with the customer care team several times, and they handled my concerns expertly. I can say that EA’s customer support team is one of the best.

The EA provides forex traders with real-time automated results and boasts a 93 percent winning track record. Using it allows me only periodically to monitor the growth trends. I even do not need to monitor most of the indicators before making trading decisions.

According to the Forex Fury’s official site, the main objective of the developers is not confined to making quick cash. Continuous product testing is necessary to provide users profitable and smooth trading journey. So, it’s no surprise why many real traders have seen this EA as a top choice for many years.

When it comes to the minimum deposit, I started with $0 since I used the demo account. Later on, i deposited $100 on my micro account to trade life. Don’t worry; this trading bot is compatible with different account sizes, from small to large.


Trading is never a daunting endeavor with EAs like Forex Fury. The advanced technology and AI system help traders improve their entire trading journey despite the highly volatile market conditions. Whether you are a novice or seasoned trader, this trading robot will cater to your trading styles and needs. Besides the impressive set of features, it also provides responsive and professional customer care. Happy trading!

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