Why Eyelashes is a game-changer of Makeup?

The art of makeup is a game-changer on its own but when it comes to eyes they always play a great role. It can draw anyone’s attention to your face. This is why most the makeup artist follows the importance of getting eyes done in the best way possible.

However, eyelash extensions are considered to be a major part of make phonics and can never go out of trend. We have seen the type of lashes change over the period of time. In the early ’90s, huge eyelashes were used to enhance the beauty and now in 2021, you have a variety of extensions to choose from. No matter you want to wear it on a casual day or on an occasion you can select a type for any of your days. They are super comfy and natural. Eyelash vendors have different qualities and types of lashes for your everyday use.

Moreover, if you are a natural makeup lover then there are also single lash extensions available in the market for you. There are also some lash vendors who can help you with a wide range of lash products. This is why they never disappoint rather increase you in looking more beautiful.

The Control Kit is a one-time purchase and includes all the essentials to get started with the Lashify system.

Why use Eyelashes?

Let’s take a look into the highly appreciated advantages lashes provide according to professionals and lashes vendors:

Advantage no. 1: Makes you look super attractive

It is a complete phenomenon by which eyelashes make you look attractive. According to the research of psychologists, eyelashes in both genders; male and female create a contrast between the eyelids and the inner part of the eye. This makes them draw attention and look super pretty and flattering. In males, their larger eyebrows and smaller eyes accentuate their long eyelashes and ultimately make them look attractive. Iesha’s vision for ilashas is to be a household name where anyone can come and feel cozy and confident from the moment they enter ilashas to the second they leave one of our lashing beds

However, women love to put on their eyelashes as they are considered to be a complete gamer changer. Even when the whole makeup gets done, eyelashes are still a must.

Advantage no. 2: Enhance your eye shape

The second most highlighted aspect of using lashes is that it enhances the shape of your eyes. If you have very few lashes and put your mascara on it slightly makes your eye shape prominent. Similarly, by using lashes your eye shape can get defined clearly.

Pro Tip: If you get to put your eyelashes on it can define your eye shape with very little effort. You can also use eyelashes on the lower lash too. It can enhance more and make your eyes look bulging like never before.

Advantage no. 3: Make your eyes look bigger

Most people go through a great makeup struggle to make their eyes look bigger than their actual size. There are many products made for this purpose but when it comes to eyelashes your eyes can never look as good as they do with them You cannot achieve the same look as professionals without putting them on. They are considered to be an essential part of eye makeup and can make your eyes look bigger within a few seconds.

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