Why DTF Printers are becoming more and more popular for customized clothing?

Why Sublistar’s DTF Printers are becoming more and more popular for clothing customization?

DTF Printers has been sought after by major factories and various types of advertisements and some self-employed print-on-demand operators in recent years. This is undoubtedly the strengths of DTF Printers at work. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have their own ideas about the display of personality. Printing on demand and customization are the strengths of DTF Printers.

1. Simple Operation of DTF Printers

In addition to the above-mentioned DTF Printers can realize on-demand printing, personalized customization, and more importantly, its operation process is very simple. Even a novice with no operating experience can learn to operate after a short period of training. First, let the designer design the print picture, connect the computer, and print it through computer instructions. Secondly because Sublistar’s DTF Printers are smarter. The machine automatically sprinkles and shakes the powder, and then passes through the suction platform, continuously feeding the paper, and finally enters the oven. After drying, the output PET film can be transferred to various clothing fabrics through a hot press.

In addition to DTF PET film printing, there is also a machine that can be customized by DTG Printer. However, the limitation of the latter is that it can only print pure cotton fabrics. DTG Printers have one more preprocessing step than DTF Printers, but one less step is that no heat press is required. The pre-processed T-shirt is directly placed on the platform of the DTG Printer, and the instructions are output through the computer to print directly on the T-shirt. What you see is what you get. The finished product output by DTG Printer also has a very big advantage: comfortable and breathable.

However, if the customer has a demand for fabric, the above may not be satisfied. If the customer requests to use other fabrics, it is the DTF transfer printer. In the above description, the advantage of DTG printer is mentioned that it is comfortable and breathable. That’s an advantage over the previous DTF Printer. Now with the continuous improvement of customer requirements, as well as product updates and iterations. DTF Printers can already achieve the effect of breathability and comfort.

2. DTF T-Shirts Printing Machine Products And Consumables Keep Pace with The Times

The customer experience has always been the top priority. Because of real user feedback from all over the world, we are constantly taking suggestions from customers and improving the machine continuously. Avoid possible problems during operation.

3. Improvement of The Machine

For example, the solid-state relay is optimized, replaced by high-power thyristor, which reduces the failure rate, and the brushless motor is used to shake powder more silently. And the control algorithm is improved, the output quality of the product is improved, the power consumption is reduced, the intelligence of the product is improved, and the manpower requirement is reduced. The above are improvements to the machine functions of DTF Printers.

4. Update of Consumables

The consumables are mainly the improvement of hot melt powder. The original hot-melt powder has the following classifications: black hot-melt powder is used for printing dark clothing with impermeable bottom, and white hot-melt powder is suitable for light-colored clothing. The other is the difference between coarse powder and fine powder. Coarse powder is suitable for printing thicker, harder clothing types, such as denim. Fine powder is more suitable for relatively thin and soft fabrics such as T-shirts, sweaters, and jerseys.

Added anti-sublimation powder (also known as clear powder) and breathable powder. Anti-sublimation powder is a transparent granular hot-melt powder. It is used to prevent the transfer of heat during the transfer process, which will cause the color to penetrate into the clothes, the color will smear, and the transfer effect will be poor.

Breathable powder lives up to its name. Using this consumable, you can achieve the same effect as DTG printing. Through our video test, as well as the try-on experience, it is indeed better than the previous hot-melt powder printing.

5. Continuous Improvement of Sublistar After-Sales

If you are not in the garment printing industry before, you may have many questions when using DTF Printer for the first time, including many problems in operation. But it doesn’t matter, we will have corresponding after-sales service. There will be remote video guidance, and any questions and suggestions can be raised.

A strong after-sales technical service team will answer your questions about the operation of the machine, daily maintenance, and how to clean and maintain it. Hassle-free after sales. Let you easily print and start your on-demand journey happily!

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