Why Does Each Dance Form Require Specialised Dress and Accessories?

Several forms of art developed along with human civilisation. As such, one of the oldest and most abundant types of art form is dance, and the type of dance varies according to the region and culture. As with the variation in performance, there is an utmost difference in dress and accessories for each dance form. Hence, the dance clothes and their accessories have special consideration while dancing, as they allow the performer to do it with ease and comfort. Also, some dresses are customary and a must to have part of that dance. It is the same for shoes, hair accessories, and other dance accessories. They are selected according to the particular constraints of the dance form. Moreover, not many accessories are suitable for different performance styles and thus need to be chosen carefully.

Selection of Dress

The dress for each dance form is selected with care and needs to be best suited for the performance style. And many factors like custom, easiness, and comfort determine using different dress materials and types during the performance.

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Traditional Dress

Most dance forms evolved with human civilisation. And thus, these performances have specific traditional dress codes. In such cases, the use of another dress is not possible. And, most of these dress codes are optimised to give maximum comfort for the performer while helping to showcase the art form in all of its elegance. But due to modern technological advancements, it is possible to use more comfortable dresses, and it will help retain the traditional ways while providing more comfort to the performer.

Ease of Movement

In the case of dances not requiring a traditional dress, the person needs to use a dress that allows easy movement. Meanwhile, many dance forms have complicated steps and actions, and thus the dance clothes should not obstruct these steps. As such, the clothes that can stretch are mostly preferred by the artists, as it allows them to do complicated movements without any problems. Also, the ease of movement determines the perfection of the dance.


This factor helps the artist to perform well and much longer. Dance is a highly challenging art form, and many performances can last longer. As such, it will test the person’s capacity to its limits. Moreover, the chance of sweating is high and thus requires a breathable dress that will help to reduce the discomforts. Also, the dress should not cause any problems to the body while performing since some dress materials can cause scratches and itching on the body.

Selection of Accessories

Many traditional and modern dance forms require the use of several accessories. They can be anything from footwear to hair clips. The selection of each of these accessories is critical as they can influence the entire performance. And the choice of accessories also depends on the specific art form, comfort and safety. Meanwhile, according to each of these factors, the selection can vary, and the performance becomes much more comfortable.

Type of Art Form

Various types of dance forms require different accessories. And in modern dance forms, the person could use any accessories as per their interests. But in the traditional dances, some customary accessories need to be worn. So, the choice of shoes, hair accessories, wigs, etc., need to meet these criteria. For instance, many dance forms like ballet require shoes and accessories specifically for this purpose.


Dance includes intensive body movement and control of body parts. But sometimes, it is easy to get out of control and get injured. And suffering a severe injury can end their career or even life. So the selection of essential and must-have accessories should be based on safety, and it will help the performer keep themselves out of danger.

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