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Why do people buy Hotmail accounts

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Email marketing has been on the rise for the past few years, majorly because of its effectiveness and easy targetting. But for marketing through emails, you need to have two things- a strong network and a reliable email service. Now, when it comes to email services, Hotmail happens to be one of the greatest players in the game, as it has been around for quite some time and has always stood out from the rest. So, naturally, for buying bulk hotmail accounts, there is no better choice than Hotmail. But, how does bulk buying help? What happens after that? And most importantly, why Hotmail? If these are the questions that truly intrigue you, then you are in luck because that's precisely what we are discussing today. This guide covers everything you need to know about buying bulk accounts of Hotmail. Let's get started!

First of all, what is Hotmail?

Hotmail, which is also known as Outlook now, was the first-ever email service created for public messaging. It has played a prominent role in shaping the entire email industry as it was the first of its kind. Only after the creation of Hotmail, other players started to emerge in the industry. However, Hotmail did not lose its number of users completely, and it continues to thrive even today despite the cut-through competition. There are many plus points of using Hotmail, which we will discuss further in this guide. But before that, let's find out what bulk buying is and how it helps.

What do we mean by buying Hotmail accounts in bulk?

There are many bulk email services that offer Hotmail accounts in large quantities to buyers, which proves helpful in email marketing and increasing the visibility of businesses. One of the examples is, as it offers a variety of packages comprising bulk Hotmail accounts and buy yahoo accounts. The packages start from 1000 accounts and go all the way up to 10,000 accounts. And clients, majorly business owners make a purchase of such packages from a certain service provider to expand their brand's reach; it is known as bulk email buying. Now, this brings us to another important question.

What is the purpose or intention behind buying bulk Hotmail accounts?

After knowing what bulk email buying means, you'd wonder why such a strategy is adopted.

Well, to answer the question, buying bulk Hotmail accounts can significantly broaden the range of your brand's awareness. What happens is, once you buy bulk Hotmail accounts, you get access to a large number of email addresses, and thus you can send carefully curated marking and promotional emails to a lot of people in just a minute.

Businesses are often in need of bulk email services because it provides them with a direct, quick, and efficient solution to reach out to thousands of people at a time. If the same task had been done physically, it would've taken days of non-stop work for one person to create so many accounts. Quite evidently so, it is a very time and effort-intensive job. So, to make the process simpler, bulk buying of Hotmail accounts proves helpful.

Here's are the top three things that happen after buying and using bulk Hotmail accounts:

  • More brand awareness: Starting a business is one thing, and building a brand is a whole different challenge. Branding is something that many businesses struggle with, majorly because it demands brand awareness in the first place. People need to know what you have to offer and what your brand stands for, and this, in turn, requires mass communication. This is where email services come into the picture. You can buy bulk Hotmail accounts or buy gmail accounts and promote your business, its products, offers, and whatnot extensively.
  • Higher conversion rates: Promoting through emails is great, but not enough. You still have to drive traffic onto your websites and increase the conversion rates. Yet again, you can send invitational messages and other call-to-actions and direct the receivers to your page by sending a single copy with text, graphics, and links bundled in a mail. If you try to do it without the help of bulk email services, it will be quite a complex process and will always have the risk of making silly mistakes. It will require more time, more effort, and thus, more labor too.
  • Sustain relations and your business: Imagine you have successfully promoted your business to thousands of users through bulk emailing and even increased the conversion rates. Is that it? Is that where it all ends? Absolutely not. In addition to increasing your customers, you need to maintain them too. And in this case, too, buying and using bulk Hotmail accounts can be an aid, as you'll be able to keep in touch with your existing customers too. Traditionally, the customer care team would call each client personally, but this hectic job can be done with a single email by bulk buying.

To achieve these three factors, buying Hotmail accounts in bulk can prove to be an excellent strategy with high returns. But, what's with Hotmail in particular? What makes it unique from other platforms, and why is it most suited for email strategies? Let's find out.

Plus points of using bulk Hotmail accounts:

Extensive usage, hence reliable

No matter how many new email platforms have come up, Hotmail still remains one of the most prominently used and accepted ones. After all, it is the platform that gave birth to the entire world of email networking. So, naturally, its usage will be greater, and thus, it will hold much greater stability than other platforms. Hotmail is adopted and regularly used by more than 400 million people across over 106 languages. This makes the platform a great success, and thus, can be considered reliable for promotions too.

Superior security

Since the platform is so widely used and holds such an incredible place in the digital networking world, it is bound to produce an excellent security system to keep the user's data protected. And, of course, Hotmail doesn't disappoint our expectations when it comes to security. In fact, it is one of the top two most secure email platforms and has definitely set the bar way too high. Not only does it provide a variety of security options, but it also allows users to log in through a one-time password every time they wish to sign in so that there is no chance of intrusion.

Regain the deleted

A common problem that many people face when managing emails is regaining them after deleting them. Now, we usually delete useless emails right away or once in a while. However, sometimes, we lose important mails in the process of this. And as a business, you can afford to lose important client or customer mails in any case, as it can harshly affect the wonderful brand image that you've built over the years. Luckily, Hotmail allows you to regain deleted mails from the bin, so you don't suffer any business loss.

Limitless storage

Storage is yet another concern while using email services. Especially when you have to send several emails on a daily basis, you are bound to run out of storage. However, this is not the case with Hotmail. One of the biggest advantages of buying Hotmail accounts in bulk and using it as the primary platform for email marketing is that there is limitless storage. As in, there is a specific limit to the storage capacity, but as and when it gets full, the system automatically expands your limit. This makes sure that you always have space to meet all your requirements.

Photo viewer

Every time we attach photos or videos in emails with the intention of marketing and promoting the business, there is always that point of concern about whether the receiver will view or download the file or not. But when it comes to Hotmail, such a concern does not exist. Hotmail provides a very profitable visual enhancement wherein the receiver can see a slideshow of the attached photos and videos without any need of opening or downloading it. This makes it easier for the sender as well as the receiver.

Association with other platforms

Hotmail is not just all about Hotmail, as it offers the option of staying in touch with other social media platforms too. Now, businesses generally don't prefer using only email marketing as a strategy to promote themselves. So they often pair it with social media marketing, too, by using platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. And the good thing is that Hotmail allows its users to track analytics, events, posts, and messages of LinkedIn and Facebook. In this way, you get that one perfect place that does it all.


All in all, there is reason Hotmail has survived for all these years and established a strong position in the market. And by buying bulk accounts of an email service like Hotmail, your business too can sustain the way it did. All you need to do is visit one of the leading service providers like, buy the most suitable package and come a step closer to reaching your business goals.

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