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Why Choose Loulouka Formula?

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You’ve done all the research there is on which baby formula to give your child and decided that you will be choosing organic European baby formula. So which brand from Europe do you choose? Here we will discuss a popular brand and one of the newest choices of European formulas, Loulouka.

What is Loulouka Formula?

Loulouka describes themselves as the following: “We believe that our children are the future. Their health and well-being are our calling, our mission – it fuels our heartbeat. This is what makes us want to produce high-quality baby food,” and honestly, they are not far from the truth considering the following statements. 

Given that Loulouka uses natural ingredients only and makes no compromises in their quality, makes them genuinely a strong candidate when choosing a baby formula brand. For instance, they source their organic milk from Switzerland, a country that has set the bar of quality standards undoubtedly high. To illustrate this, it is completely forbidden to have more than 23 cows per farm, which means that all the animals are well attended to and receive lots of love and care. Not to mention that they can free-roam the Swiss Alps and the majority of the food comes from nature itself - talk about happy life, right?

Needless to say, their organic milk is completely free of steroids, hormones, preservatives, pesticides, or any other harmful chemicals. Loulouka baby formula products are guaranteed to have only pure ingredients, eliminating the possibility of having questionable additives, such as fillers or any other synthetic components.

To ease your mind, Loulouka baby formula is not mass-produced. It needs to bypass 50 different quality tests before it is ready to be shipped to you. 

Loulouka also has a bigger picture in mind. Instead of using palm oil, which knowingly has an enormous footprint, they have decided to use traditional coconut oil instead, contributing to the sustainable environmental future. A fantastic thought for eco-conscious parents out there!

European Baby Formula Stages

Unlike many American formulas, European baby formulas have separated out their first year of baby formula products into two or three different stages – which has been highly beneficial for the babies. They do this because as your baby grows, typically around the six-month mark you have started to introduce nutrition from pureed foods. The different stages of formula take this into consideration as well as adding more essential nutrients a developing baby would need for the remaining of their first year.

Loulouka has three different stages for their products: 

  • Stage 1: This stage is suitable for use from birth. You may safely use it in

combination with breastfeeding or when your child is not breastfed at all.

  • Stage 2: Stage 2 follow-on formula is a good choice and suitable for children from 6

months through 10 months. This baby formula has slightly higher iron content and is also considerably thicker in consistency, compared to Stage 1.

  • Stage 3: Designed for children 10 months and older. Since the toddler has become more active at this age, Stage 3 baby formula offers more calories. Plus, the nutrients are specially formulated to help your baby transition into the toddler stage where they are beginning to eat more solids.


In conclusion, considering Loulouka’s core values and integrity, it unarguably presents them as a premium baby formula brand that you can trust. Also, did you know - the Loulouka company was started by three men, that had only the very best interests in their mind and hearts for their children, which draws them positively apart from all the big pharmaceutical owned baby formula brands. Food for thought?

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