Why Are Concrete Buildings Better Than Wooden Ones?

If you feel you want to be original and unique in building a concrete house, you should check at these contractors here and find the best offers for home building. It’s important to understand that American building tradition has been based on wooden houses. It was easier to build such houses, and all people wanted to have one since it was a lot more affordable than the concrete ones. 

Today modern needs are making concrete houses a lot more affordable than in the past. Not to mention that lumber has gone up, and the costs are now identical. Many places around the country also started facing earthquakes, especially those close to the oceans. For all these reasons, it would be better to check the benefits of building a concrete house and giving it to your children when you pass away.

They Offer Better Protection From Earthquakes

In general, wooden homes have no deep foundations. That makes them vulnerable to earthquakes and other explosions. Today modern construction science coming from Europe and Japan (where most of the buildings are made with concrete blocks), dictates that new houses can have deeper foundations with larger columns and decks interconnected.

During an earthquake, all the house moves unanimously to the same direction following the waves. That’s the only way a concrete house can differ from others and show better resistance to such incidents.

You Can Build Many More Stories

Many Americans would like to take the chance and build a three or four-story house. That may happen in rural America since the municipal authorities may grant you permission to build a house the way you want when being in cities or towns. Multiple stories are not available for wooden constructions since they lack consistency in their building. On the other hand, the concrete building can have columns going from the basement to the upper floors without any interval. That makes concrete buildings a lot more capable of accommodating many people and developing in more than two floors, which is the basic idea for all bigger houses.

There Is No Need For Termite Protection

Termites and other pests represent a basic danger for wooden houses. That’s why many people have to rely on the newest concrete block houses that are not vulnerable to termites and other pests. Just imagine what great damage to your plywood could termites do. They could make you replace your whole house even after a few years of use. That is certainly not the case with concrete houses here for any person who wants to differ from the others and create a building that could last for centuries.

Concrete Buildings Can Have Underground Floors

Basements and underground floors for garages and storage space were not easy to construct with traditional wooden parts. Today civil engineers have the knowledge to dig deeper in the ground, remove the underlying water and start making concrete blocks to shelter your home. It is not rare to see multiple-story concrete buildings having more than two underground floors and serving their owner’s family or business needs.

Building with concrete has been forbidden for the past decades, especially for homeowners. Today it’s a lot faster and easier, giving you the chance to live in a modern and less sensitive home.

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