Why Archery Is a Family Sport and How To Get Started?

It’s that time of year, winter is almost over and the long holidays are just around the corner. Not sure what fun activities you can do with your family during that time? We would like to suggest you a family-friendly sport, including families with young children – archery.

Reasons Why It’s Family-Friendly

One of the safest sports.

Yes, though when you hear bows and arrows, you might imagine dangerous weapons. However, in reality, archery is one of the safest sports with the lowest injury rate.

Archery is not a sport that requires you to run for hours, or compete for a ball with other players. You just stand still, stretch the bowstring, and shoot. So, in general, archery is a safe sport and rarely causes serious injuries that affect your health.

Offer many health benefits

It’s not because you’re not running or moving constantly that archery doesn’t exercise your strength.

Getting the whole family out to participate in an outdoor sport will help relieve stress, relax and be very beneficial for mental health. In addition, archery is also a sport that requires high concentration, and it is very good for training patience, observation ability, and concentration ability.

For physical health, archery puts stress on the muscles of both arms, chest, shoulders and back. Thereby, it helps to train these muscle groups. Most archers feel that after a while the first bow becomes too light and too easy for them. This is certainly not due to the fact that the bows are lighter with time, but because they have stronger muscles after days of practice.

Open for all levels

Archery is an adaptable sport. It does not require the practitioner to have a good health background with strong muscles.

Even children can easily learn this sport, but you need to be very careful to choose the right bow and arrow according to your child’s weight. This will be an important knowledge that needs to be explained in detail. Read this guideline to understand it before you buy a bow for your child.

Open for all ages

When considering new family activities, you’ll find no sport can beat archery. Archery is really an age-old sport and is suitable for all ages. It is quite rare to find a sport that the whole family, ages 8 to 80, can enjoy and compete in; Archery is that family sport.

Getting Started

If your family is already interested in this sport, then try signing up for an archery class. There are many archery shops and they all have certified instructors who can teach the basics about cover form, safety, equipment and shooting basics and more.

In addition, these stores will also rent equipment for you to easily practice more at home.

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