Why a compromise given Israel Palestine conflict has proved difficult to find?

When it comes to the Israel Palestine conflict there are both Jewish motive and their twisted reasoning for what they are doing while the Palestinian Arabs have some thoughts of their own to bring to the table. The conflict is extremely old and is still raving given the current escalation where Israel has definitely terrorized the Palestinian lands and now wants to take the whole control of the Gaza strip and the West bank which was initially given to the Palestinians so they can live peacefully in there. Israel has the motive that all of the lands belong to them and the Palestinians should be rid of it any means necessary which is open defiance of the previous peace offerings in which Palestinians are given some notion of the land to build their homes and live their lives.

Beginning of the conflict

The main issue is that Israel is being very self-centered and in doing so is not caring for the Palestinians at all, the whole land is being controlled by Israel, and the Israeli brutality, attacks, and oppression keeps on rising. There have been talks of the compromises in the past but conveniently enough Israel always backs out at the last minute and waltz down on Palestine with all the latest war technology they have, Israel always rakes war and destruction as it is the only Jewish state in the world and wants to rid all Palestinians of the land which initially belonged to them.

Palestinians want to build their homes, a sense of community, and a separate country on the same land but Israel doesn’t want to compromise at all. They want everyone to live under Israeli sovereignty which is not only unethical but in no way a compromise. The main conflict seems to be who gets what land and how it is controlled, Israel wants all of it and in a deceptive fashion asks Palestinians to live in an Israeli controlled state but Palestinians know that Israel is nothing but a cut-throat and a backer on deals which is why the conflict is still in action.

UN has definitely failed to resolve this conflict

UN and other world organizations don’t seem to get in between and their only actions and tries to reimburse peace is by asking for a ceasefire or toning down the current war from the Israeli side which most of the time fall on deaf ears. The whole thing began in the 20th century when the jews flew persecution in Europe and in the hopes of building a separate homeland for themselves ended up in an Arab and Muslim abundant territory in the Ottoman empire which was later run by the British empire.

The Arab majority resisted this action as the land was rightfully theirs but Israelis started building homes and communities and soon the conflict was in action and blazing. UN since then has failed to make sure that both parties get a piece of the land in which they can live and breathe separately. The Gaza strip and the West bank which are the two territories that host a large part of the Palestinian population is now in control of Israel and they are raking war and killing innocent Palestinians, UN must take action now while there is still time and end this Israeli false oppression once and for all.

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