Who Has The Best Solar Panel Systems in San Antonio? 

Since the past decade, thousands of solar panel systems have popped us all across the country as more Americans are making an effort to harness the power of the sun to run their households or places of business. 

Since solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source, it is the ideal solution to environmental damage, waste and poor energy utilization.

If you are considering installing solar panels in your home or your business place, you have come to the right place. Let’s look at how solar panels work and the different types you can choose between. 

How Do Solar Panel Systems Work?

The sunlight from the sun contains small packets of energy. These packets are known as photons, and they travel from the sun to earth in under nine minutes. Every hour, these photons generate enough solar energy to satisfy all our global energy needs for an entire year. Multiple solar cells make up a solar panel, and numerous solar panels are can wired together to form a solar array. The more panels you can install, the more energy you can generate.

When the sunlight hits a solar panel, the photons knock out the loose electrons from the atoms. Since conductors are attached to both the positive and negative sides of a cell, an electrical circuit is formed. Electrons then flow through this circuit and generate electricity.

Types of Solar Panel Systems

1. Commercial Solar Panel Systems

Many companies and businesses of all sizes, including government organizations, have already made the right decision to use solar power to power up their premises. Solar panel systems have been installed at several reputed schools, retailers, and government buildings around the U.S. If you own a functioning commercial building, you should seriously consider getting a solar panel system involved. It is the future of electricity. 

Every company’s requirement for solar power depends on what is most important to the organization. Generally, most businesses and companies are looking to make the highest profits and want the largest return on investment (ROI) and time. They also want to show that they are environmentally responsible. Solar power helps them achieve all of these aims. It reduces operating costs and allows companies and businesses to reinvest their extra profit in savings. Once you get a solar panel system installed, your business or company will stand out as a green business. Your operating costs will reduce, and your property’s value will increase, ensuring that you receive a quick return on investment.

2. Residential Solar Panel Systems

Businesses are not the only ones attracted to solar panel systems. Homeowners are also considering installing them for several reasons. Firstly, a residential solar panel system is one of the most common ways to produce electricity for your home and depend less on the local utility service provider. Secondly, having a solar panel system in place automatically increases the value of the property. Lastly, homeowners can also save a great deal on electricity bills! 

Before deciding to opt for a solar panel system, you need to put in a lot of consideration and thought. One of the most frequently asked questions among homeowners is, “How many solar panels would I need to run my home?” Since every home is different, get an engineer from Tejas Solar to visit your property and analyze the situation for you. 

Contact Tejas Solar in San Antonio for Solar Consultation, Installation, and Savings!

Whether you want to make your home or place of business smarter, be more sustainable, save money on electric bills or make a difference in your San Antonio community, get in touch with Tejas Solar today! We will treat your property like our own and provide top-notch service from the design phase to the very last day of installation. To speak with one of our solar panel systems experts, dial 866-TEX-RAYS (866-839-7297) today or email us at [email protected], and we will get back to you. 

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