Which matte lipstick is best for daily use?

When matte lipsticks first made their foray into the market, they took the lipstick industry by storm. It is kind of obvious why matte lipsticks are all the rage. Still not convinced? Let’s explore their benefits.

They are long-lasting: This is perhaps the most important reason why they are a class apart. Once you apply the matte lipstick in the morning, you can forget all about dabbing on a little lipstick to freshen up during your breaks. Have a lunch party to attend? They have you covered. Have to look your best during an office meeting? They have you covered. They sing a different song compared to glossy lipsticks which need reapplication from time to time. That is where they have an edge over glossy lipsticks.

Blends well with your makeup: Whether you need to dress for a festive occasion that calls for a glamorous ensemble and makeup or need to dress for an office meeting that calls for a formal ensemble with little to no makeup, matte lip colour is something that you can pull off as just a necessity instead of being judged as makeup.

It is smudge-free: Once you apply the matte lip colour to your lips, you don’t have to think twice about it getting smudged when you have lunch or dinner with colleagues or friends. You can happily indulge in the conversations during your meal without worrying about the colour sticking to the food or your wine glass and coming across as gauche.

It defines your lips and face: Matte lipsticks are known to contour and define your lips and hence your face. Remember that you are unique in what you are endowed with and don’t forget to put your best lips forward.

Lakme has revolutionized the cosmetic industry in India and abroad with its wide range of beauty products that fit within even modest budgets and compete with the best of the best in the effect they create. 

Let’s look at a few matte lipstick products from Lakme stable.


Buy 3 Lakme Forever Matte Lip Colors and Get 1 free. This value set offers you a palette of 30 great colours to choose from so, let’s say, you can get your daring red, mystical mauve, and ethereal pink shades and still get one more colour free. The hues are richly pigmented and don’t smudge until sixteen hours after application. Multiple colours mean you have the arsenal to match your favourite outfits by way of creating a match or contrasted look.  The best part is though the pigments are rich and lend you a relatively bold look, the lip colour is very lightweight to carry.


There’s a colour for every occasion. From deep plum to fierce red, this collection comprises of 12 trendy shades with a lightweight formula enriched with luxe argan oil that nourishes your lips and keeps them from drying. This product is created under the Lakme Absolute line and is a hot favourite with many women. It gets you the matte look without looking like your lip colour is about to crumble. Multiple colours mean you can wear them to match or contrast with your favourite outfits and dazzle everyone with the bold look that is also so charming.


An exclusive new matte lipstick with a revolutionary soft matte formula that makes matte lips feel soft and comfortable. The soft matte formula is enriched with rose oil extracts from France which give your matte lips a moisturized, comfortable feel. Its non-drying formula doesn’t dry your lips and leaves them feeling soft and looking intensely matte. Its water-resistant formula gives a cushiony, plump feel to your lips. You can choose three colours from a palette of 20 dazzling colours and get one free. Multiple colours mean you can try them with outfits for all occasions.


Any Lakme collection would be incomplete without their very popular 9-to-5 line of products. Lakmé Naturale presents a Matte lipstick range infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera! The goodness of Aloe helps protect your look from city pollution.The lipstick also has a built-in primer that makes the color stay comfortably for 12 long hours. Lakmé 9to5 Naturale Matte is available in 10 shades! Lakmé 9to5 Naturale Matte gives a smooth and creamy finish which doesn’t make the lips crease. Moreover, you don’t require touch-ups for 12 long hours! So, it is indeed a magical product that brings the best of matte look along with a soft, cushiony appearance unlike any other.


This product is a little wonder that has become very popular very quickly with Indian women. Available in a palette of 20 vibrant and trendy shades, each of the Lakme Enrich Matte lipsticks gives you long-lasting lip color. The shades are specially designed to give an even, luscious coat to your lips. The Vitamin E content nourishes your lips and makes them soft and supple. The lipsticks also contain olive extracts that replenish your lips while hydrating them. The high color delivery feature ensures that you get long-lasting shine and color. 

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