Which dashcam to choose? Our tips for buying the best on-board car camera!

You may have already noticed that, in France, vehicles equipped with a dash camera are becoming more and more numerous, since this equipment, which can also be called an on-board camera for a car, offers a large number of ‘Advantages. Even if it is not compulsory automotive equipment like in Russia for example, choosing to install a circular dashcam in France will allow you to face certain situations that could be complicated to solve. In this comprehensive buying guide, we wanted to tell you all about the dashcam and its benefits. And if you want to equip yourself too, here you will find all our tips to ensure you buy the best car camera of the year 2022.

Why install a dashcam in your car? 

All the advantages of the camera on board. No law imposes the installation of a dashcam in your car, since such a decision depends on the good will of each motorist. However, it is also important to know that there is a kind of legal vacuum at this level. Specifically The purpose of the on-board car camera is to film what is happening in front of youand save the images that are most frequently sent to you directly on your smartphone or on a dedicated screen. 

Therefore, in the event of unforeseen events on the road, such as during an accident that concerns you or that you witness, the images that you will have had the opportunity to record will allow the police and insurance companies to be able to assess the situation much more easily than be based solely on the words and testimonies of the various people present.

To install a dashcam in the car, you won’t have any more predictability than if you install your new car’s GPS, as you’ll simply have to plug it into the cigarette lighter, hang it on the windshield, and turn it on, after which it will film everything. in the path. In the event of a disaster, the on-board car camera will prove its importance and allow you to handle this situation much more calmly and quickly. However, as we told you, at the moment the dashcam does not allow you to contest the minutes you have received, this evaluation always depends on the evaluation of the reporting officer. Finally, the last advantage of the dashcam, and not least, refers to its price. For just a few tens of euros, you can buy a camera on board a cheap carwho will necessarily meet your expectations.

To take the road with serenity and to be sure that your car is always in perfect safety, the Vantrue N2 Pro dashcam is without a doubt the best on-board camera of the year 2022. Thanks to its many features and the various advanced technologies with which it equipped, this high-end dashcam will prove to you day after day that you were right to choose it. Although its price is higher than that of other automatic cameras, we have to admit that it is perfectly justified. By developing this exceptional model, the brand has shown its incredible professionalism. And no doubt, when you have made your first trips with it, you will also be convinced that this is the best dash cam front and rear on-board camera for cars.

All Features of Vantrue N2 Pro Car Camera

The Vantrue N2 Pro car dashcam is equipped with an ultra-powerful Novatek NT96660 processor, which, combined with a Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor and an OV4689 image sensor, will allow you to benefit from an ultra-sharp and precise image , regardless of the brightness outside and the weather conditions. 

In addition, thanks to its simultaneous dual capture system, the Vantrue N2 Pro car camera will automatically record what is happening on the road, but also inside and behind the car, always with extreme precision since its dual sensor offers an image resolution of 2560×1440 pixels for the front camera, and an image quality of 1920x 1080 pixels for the rear camera.

If we also consider the Vantrue N2 Pro as the best car dashcam, it is because it has a parking mode that will protect your car when it is parked, which also allows it to be considered a vandal-proof car camera. In fact, as soon as a movement is detected in front of the camera or as soon as a tremor is felt, the camera will start recording so you can see it directly from your smartphone or tablet, for example. 

Finally, so you can always be sure your rides will be recorded, the Vantrue N2 Pro on-board camera automatically deletes footage from your previous ride if you don’t want to keep it. Clearly, this dashcam has many advantages to affirm, and very quickly, it will be unthinkable to be able to do without it, since it is practical, reliable and reassuring at the same time.

Our take on the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Camera

There is no doubt that the Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam is the best of its generation, for many reasons. When we tried it, we were surprised by all its features, which worked better than the others. Thanks to this quality dashcam, you will be sure to record each of your trips in the best possible conditions. Finally, if our Vantrue N2 Pro reviews is also positive because it is also an ultra-easy-to-use car camera that is therefore aimed at both people interested in new technologies and those who do not feel at home. comfortable with this type of equipment.

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