When Should Children Learn to Code?

Let’s face it, kids these days are far more computer-savvy than most of us ever were. So, it’s no surprise that the question of whether you should be teaching your kids to code has become a popular topic. Should it be taught in schools? Should you treat it as an extra-curricular?

If you’ve decided you want to introduce your child to the world of coding or they’ve shown an interest in coding or computers, you’re probably wondering at what age you can begin to teach your kids to code. Like with other languages, the answer is really – the earlier the better.

At What Age Can My Child Learn to Code?

Children can learn different parts of coding at different ages. Starting at the age of 6 or 7, your child can grasp the basics of coding and start learning beginner concepts. There are a wide variety of logic games, and coding games targeted at this age group as well as fun books and workbooks that aim to entertain your child while teaching them simple coding concepts.

As your child begins to really grasp the basics of coding they can start working through progressively more demanding exercises; even developing their own basic games or apps! Seeing a custom project come to life is rewarding and fun and can encourage them to keep trying more difficult concepts and projects.

By the age of 9 or 10, kids can code! They have the skills and have developed problem-solving abilities that allow them to move on to bigger projects and concepts that require more moving parts to come together. They can work on a more advanced app or game development or learn and create websites from scratch.

How Do You Teach Kids to Code?

Start slow and make learning fun! Just like teaching your kids any other subject, you have to keep them interested. The great thing about coding is that they get to work towards creating something they love – like an app or game.

Using tools like workbooks, videos, games and courses you can pick the type of learning that works best for your child. These types of learning tools also allow you the structure to ensure that your child is grasping the concepts and moving at a pace that allows them to fully understand what they’re learning before putting it into practice. 

Remember, there aren’t set goals that your kid should reach by certain ages. Your child may show an interest in coding later on or may take longer to get to the point of mastering the concepts that some 10-year-olds have.

Every child is different, the most important thing is meeting your kid where they’re at and adjusting their learning to meet their individual needs. Thankfully, the variety of learning tools available allow you to do that easily!


While 6 years old may seem a bit young to start teaching your kids to code, you will be amazed to see just how much their little brains can learn. Like learning other languages, starting young gives them a head start fully grasping the concepts and developing a well-rounded understanding of coding. These are skills that will benefit them as they move through school, and eventually into the workforce.

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