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When and how to clean an air conditioner?

In the maintenance of our air conditioning equipment, knowing how to clean an air conditioner is essential to make the most of the potential of our equipment. This improves the performance and energy consumption of air conditioning equipment. In addition, the cleaning of filters and ducts ensures less proliferation of fungi and bacteria that can spread silently through the air, causing respiratory diseases, allergies, and throat problems.

Whether it is a window air conditioner, a split air conditioner, or a central air conditioner, maintenance is essential. If we want to have air conditioning working properly one of the most important factors is cleanliness. In this article, we dedicate it to explain how to clean your air conditioning. It is important, before knowing how to clean an air conditioner that you must look at the model and brand, before starting cleaning on your own.

Although almost all models and brands have similar systems for cleaning and maintenance, it is good to review at least the manual of the related brand, to find out if there are any particularities or limitations for the handling of air conditioning equipment in particular. Why does my house get so dusty ? How to clean it? Learn with us…

How to clean an air conditioner: first clean the filter.

The dusty houses can cause health issues. First of all, unplug the equipment. If you can, vacuum the surface and fins of the device, before removing any element of your air. You can also use a soft brush.

Then remove the lid in front of the appliance. Wipe the cap with a damp cloth. For split-type equipment, the filter is usually located near the front and is easily attached with an easily removable side hook, making it very easy to place the filter. Finally, find and remove the air filter. The air filter can be washed with a large amount of water like a grid or submerged in water.

Filters for today’s air conditioners are made of nylon and synthetic parts, some of which are very delicate, so it is advisable to handle the filters with care when cleaning. Its function is to retain particles that can cause allergies and even bacteria and act as a protective barrier.  The filter can be washed with lukewarm water, and use some type of antibacterial soap solution or a degreaser. We should never use abrasive products that can damage nylon. The most important thing is to let it dry well, before putting it back in the appliance.

When and how to clean an air conditioner?

It should be cleaned before the hot season. Even if the equipment has not been used, it is likely that dusty house particles have accumulated on it. Learning how to clean an air conditioner and doing it before use will guarantee that the device works in the most optimal conditions and that the air that it expels is of adequate quality.

What happens when an air filter becomes clogged with dirt?

The immediate consequence is that the performance of the air conditioning equipment drops noticeably, with a tendency to heat up. In some cases, the equipment can even freeze since the cold air cannot escape, generating leaks. The other consequence is sanitary since the accumulation of dirt in the filter is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can spread through the air.

If the filter after several washes looks very damaged or with holes, it is necessary to replace it with a new one. The filter model depends on the model and brand of the appliance. Check your equipment manual or consult it on the manufacturer’s website. You can also take the old filter to your trusted parts store

How to clean an air conditioner: clean the ducts

The ducts to domestic air conditioners have a double aluminum foil, which avoids cleaning work. There are other types of air conditioning that have sheet metal and fiberglass air duct cleaning, which must be cleaned by professionals.

How to clean a split type air conditioner

You should repeat the entire process explained above, but you should also be careful to clean and check other areas, such as drains. These should be cleaned with a damp cloth or with a vacuum cleaner if possible. The frequency with which you should clean the air conditioning is every 4 or 6 months, taking into account cleaning it before each use after the periods without using it.

The external unit needs less maintenance, before handling or cleaning, we must disconnect the electrical current of the equipment. Leaves or organic materials must be removed from the outer grates and cleaned with a damp cloth. If the fins are vacuumed, be careful not to bend them.

How to clean a window air conditioner

First of all, you must unplug the device and then remove the front cover, which is very simple, since this type of air is designed to access its interior. The dusty houses are usually caused by poor ventilation that’s why the lid should be cleaned on both sides with a damp cloth and mild detergent. There are coil cleaner sprays to place inside, preventing it from falling on the controls or electrical connections. Clean the filter as indicated above in this article and wait for it to dry to put it back. This process is recommended to repeat every 3 months.

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