Wheelchair Transport Services Guide

At vimo transporters, we understand that wheelchair transport is not a luxury – it is a key need. Every member of our team is proud to provide wheelchair transport singapore services with an understanding and caring approach. We treat passengers with respect, we reduce waiting times to a minimum, we arrive on time and get to and from destinations on time all while ensuring the absolute safety of our passengers.

As a contracted non-emergency medical transporter for more than 1,000 organizational clients, we have extensive experience in providing wheelchair assistance. Our team can also meet a variety of other transportation needs for care providers, school districts, patients, students, individuals, and their families.

Compassionate wheelchair assistance

We have made it a daily habit to go beyond and provide wheelchair passengers with extra help. Our wheelchair services include:

  • Wheelchair assistance for vehicle jacks and assistance with boarding and alighting the vehicle
  • It securely secures wheelchair passengers so they can ride safely
  • Wheelchair assistance in navigating the steps as soon as they get out of the vehicle
  • If necessary, push and lift the wheelchairs and make sure they reach the door
  • We supply wheelchairs for those who need it
  • Passenger oxygen tank transfer
  • Compassionate, professional representatives of field services
  • As you can say, our Field Service Representatives (fsrs) do much more than just manage. We have built a compassionate team of individuals who have shown an exceptional desire to serve. Each FSR has undergone thorough screening, testing and practical training to ensure that it can assist our passengers with the utmost care and service.

Benefits of Using a Handicap Transportation Service

Do you or a loved one have difficulty moving because of a disability or handicap? Hundreds of millions of individuals currently suffer from a disability or handicap that severely limits the things they can do in their daily lives. Our medical and recreational transport services give disabled and handicapped people the opportunity to travel independently and safely to any destination they want. This is just one of the many benefits when choosing vimo services Transportation.

Fully equipped fleet

At vimo services, we know that one size doesn’t suit everyone and everyone’s needs are different. Our fleet includes GPS tracking systems, heating and air conditioning, emergency escape doors, as well as hydraulic jacks and high roofs. Each vehicle is inspected twice a year and our drivers are fully licensed and maintain a clean driving record.

Numerous transport services

vimo services Transportation is available whether it is a non-binding medical meeting or a ride to meet friends. Our services are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week for maximum customer comfort. Handicapped Transportation Services or disabled individuals can now travel independently and safely visit family members, go to the airport, eat at their favorite restaurant and in many more desirable places.

Affordable with no hidden fees

You have to think, “vimo services Transportation is too good to be true! What’s the catch? “There’s no hook; we’re a real deal. Rides are easy to set up, have no hidden fees and no simple paperwork to get you started. Our passengers always come first and we offer a low price guarantee for all our services!

Insurance is accepted

There are many ways to pay in vimo services. We accept payments from all major insurance companies, all major credit cards, cash and checks. Accepted insurances include Independence Care System, Aetna, wellcare, emblemhealth, metroplus and many more.

Easy to book

Ovim online booking platform makes it easy to find and arrange driving like click, click, click. By filling out a simple contact form, passengers can request a date and explain where to go, that’s it! He then calls a customer service representative and confirms the ride. Our drivers are never late and always ahead of time!

Relief from physical struggle

If you are disabled but currently use public transport or a standard vehicle to get there, you know better than anyone how many obstacles you have to overcome to reach your ultimate goal. This is exactly why you should consider choosing private available transport as your primary transport option. Britelift vehicles, specially designed for people with disabilities, offer maximum comfort, easy entry and exit from the seats and a pleasant ride regardless of the length of the journey. What’s more, their vehicles are highly adjustable, so you’ll never risk injury again by getting in or out of a car.

Reliable transport

No matter how well public wheelchair transport service is adapted to accessibility, it is very unpredictable and often uncomfortable. In such circumstances, you are not far from missing appointments, checks or even last minute meetings. What’s more, for all their love and devotion to you and your well-being, your friends and loved ones may not always be available to ride there. Fortunately, transportation is barrier-free on call, so you can avoid all the potential inconvenience and stress. You can book a barrier-free ride to and from the airport or train station, as well as anywhere in the area.

Professional assistance

Our drivers who operate the company’s barrier-free vehicles have experience with how the equipment works and how to work with people with disabilities. So instead of relying on a relative to pick you up in a car or adapt to a public bus ramp, leave it to trained professionals to help you with your transportation. Vimo is your primary provider of emergency transportation in Singapore, operating near your location and beyond. Everyone at britelift works with enthusiasm so that people with special needs, seniors and veterans can get where they want without having to experience any traffic restrictions!

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for non-emergency medical transportation?

Although accessible transport with britelift commonly focuses on providing transport to passengers with visible disabilities, the company’s employees also offer services to people who are temporarily detained after surgery or acute injury, as well as to people with special needs and / or invisible disabilities.

Because post-operative patients are not allowed to drive due to weakened muscles and painkillers until they are authorized by their healthcare provider, limo service offers the most professional barrier-free transportation in the Singapore area. So, whether you are disabled or just after an accident and need help traveling part-time, you are the right candidate for non-emergency medical transport with vimo.

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