Wheel of Fortune — how to win at Betgames?

An online casino is a place where everyone has the opportunity to play with real people and a real croupier. Recently, there has been a particular surge in the popularity of gambling. The emergence of the Betgames platform played a role in this. In this section on the Parimatch online casino website, you can find a large number of games. We invite you to read about Wheel of Fortune — one of the most popular games in the section, where you can not only enjoy an interesting game, but also test your luck.

Wheel of Fortune at Betgames TV

Wheel of Fortune is a real-time game where bets are placed on the outcome of the game between the player and the dealer. This option of earning does not depend on the seasons of sports competitions, tournaments and any other factors. You can make a forecast regularly.

Wheel of Fortune attracts those players who are hesitant to bet on sports. Indeed, in order to predict one or another variant of the outcome, gamblers need special knowledge, analysis, tracking of previous results, and viewing competitions. In Wheel of Fortune, you don’t need to do all this. Playing Wheel of Fortune is almost like playing roulette. The bets are very diverse: from determining the winner to a specific outcome. This is what the coefficients depend on.

Drawings are held every 5 minutes, so bets on these lines can be made very often.

Wheel of Fortune Rules

Before you start betting on Wheel of Fortune, you should learn the rules. And they are extremely simple. The wheel is divided into 19 sectors, each of them contains numbers from 1 to 18, plus a cup with a star. Before the scroll starts, bets are accepted on:

  • Specific number — one single number is indicated. It is on this bet that the highest odds are, because it is more difficult to guess it.
  • Ranges: 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 1-9, 10-18.
  • Sector: red, black, grey.
  • Cup with a star.
  • Red sector + even / odd.
  • Black sector + even / odd.
  • Gray sector+even/odd.

When the predictions are made, the dealer spins the wheel. For its braking around the circumference, there are special stops that lightly touch the pointer arrow. As soon as the wheel comes to a complete stop, the dealer announces the dropped out segments and pays out according to the previously made forecast.

There are also certain nuances of the game that are also useful to know:

  • After the bets are made, the presenter spins the drum counterclockwise, then with a slight movement of the hand clockwise.
  • 1 draw=1 spin. Exception if for technical reasons it was necessary to repeat the procedure.
  • The draw is considered valid only if the wheel has made at least 3 full revolutions.
  • The result of the draw is the number or symbol of the sector that the pointer is aimed at after stopping.

The better can make several bets at his discretion — there are no restrictions.

After the spin is completed, there is a pause of 1.5 minutes — this time is allotted in order to place bets on the next spin.

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