A motorized knapsack sprayer is a sprayer made similar to an ordinary sprayer with an advanced feature of an engine which makes your spraying experience easy and fast. This sprayer is made in such a way that you do not get tired easily since you do not need to use or move the lever from time to time to disperse the spray.

Parts and their functions on the sprayer

The tank

This is the container that holds the chemical solution. It is usually made up of synthetic rubber or plastic which have good resistance against corrosion and other related problems. Many manufacturers use PVC OR Brass to make the tanks. The sizes of the tank vary in accordance to the pump capacity.

The pump

The pump is used to move fluids. It displaces a volume of liquid either by physical or mechanical action in the case of a motorized sprayer. Most motorised knapsack sprayers have hydraulics which aid in developing pressure which is required for spraying. The speed of pumping determines the discharge capacity. For convenience of the operator and protection from damage when the discharge line is closed, a pressure valve is installed.

Air chamber

Air chambers are mainly provided in reciprocating pumps on the discharge line on the pump to provide a constant pressure on the nozzle.


This is the device that stirs the solution on the sprayer. It thus keeps the content being sprayed in a homogenous condition. It is commonly made in two types namely the paddle type mechanical agitator and the hydraulic agitator. Positive agitation in the tank is important in allowing usage of the full range of spray materials.

Pressure regulator

It serves as a means of adjusting the pressure to the required amounts within the range of pressure on the pump. It is also used as a safety device in unloading the excess pressure automatically by directing the unused discharge back to the tank.


This is the device that controls the flow of a fluid in the sprayer by opening and closing the passage ways.

Types of motorized knapsack sprayers:

The different types of sprayers mainly differ in terms of size and the capacity of the spray content they can carry at a time. The most common ones are:

AICO Knapsack Sprayer 4-stroke which comes in both 25 and 60 litres.

Pacwell Motorized sprayer

Power knapsack Sprayer AC767

Mist sprayer with Honda engine

Pros of motorized knapsack sprayers

They are lightweight. Most are made of lightweight plastic which makes it easy to carry them around.

Easy to use. Motorized sprayers come with many features which make the experience very smooth. The operation does not require special skills.

Maintenance is very easy. Most sprayers can be cleaned easily because they come with a wide opening which makes the interior of the tank easily accessible for the cleaning process. This way the sprayers remain well maintained.

Durability. Motorized knapsack sprayers are known to be of high quality. The engines are made to last for a very long time even after frequent use.

Safety. The sprayers are made in a way to protect the user from any harm.


The motorized sprayers are costly which only favours those can afford.

If you need an upgrade from the normal sprayers then a motorized knapsack sprayer would be the right choice for you. For more information, visit

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