What You Need to Know About Laminate Flooring – Buying Guide

Laminate floors are well known as synthetic floors. They are composite and usually multi-layered. A lamination process is generally involved in the fusion of the manufactured products. The base of the flooring is made up of plywood or fibre wood.

This article mainly focuses on the benefits of laminate floors, their maintenance and factors to consider when buying a laminate floor.


It is the basic factor to think before buying a laminate floor. A thicker one is usually advisable since it reduces echo in the room and provides you with real wood feel.

2. The space of the room

You should look into the spaces around your room to ensure the colours won’t be clashing for a better appearance.

3. The condition and warranty

Before going for a laminate floor, you need to ensure that you invest in laminate flooring of the highest quality.

4. The cost

Cost is usually a factor to consider in many cases. High-quality laminate floors are generally more expensive compared the low-quality ones. Therefore you can purchase depending on the amount of money you have. Laminate floors are available at all prices to cater for everyone’s needs.

5. Maintenance

Different laminate floors require an extra degree of maintenance. However, they are perfect in homes with children since they are easy to clean Bespoke Floors.

6. Durability

You should go for laminate floors that are able to withstand high traffic. They can last for many years depending on the level of maintenance.

7. Resistance to dust

Laminate floors can withstand dust and dirt. They do not cause allergies and on top of it, they look stylish.

Types of laminate floors

1. Smooth laminate floors

This type of floor is usually designed to give the resemblance of polished wood or marble floors.

2. Embossed laminate floors

The texture is the same as that of wood grain. It is due to the pressed patterns.

Grades of laminate

  • AC 1

It is usually used in areas with low foot traffic.

  • AC2

Normally used for areas where the foot traffic is moderate.

  • AC3

They are installed in areas with high foot traffic, such as kitchen.

  • AC4

It is mainly used in commercial areas and also in all home areas regardless of the traffic.

Advantages of laminate floors

  • They are easy to maintain
  • Their installation is easy and inexpensive.
  • The floors have high water resistance.
  • They are more hygienic since they can be cleaned easily.
  • They give the house a beautiful appearance.
  • They are durable when well maintained.
  • They are very economical.

Disadvantages of laminate floors

Since they are not made up of natural timber, it is impossible to refine them.It cannot be used for bathrooms since they are not moisture-proof.Walking on the laminate floors can sometimes be noisy since it is pretty rigid and is directly installed on the floor.Sometimes it’s very slippery, mostly when wet.


The use of laminate floors is becoming popular among many homes. Not only do they give the home a beautiful appearance but also easy time during cleaning. They are environmentally friendly and therefore advisable for use.

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