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What You Need to Know about CBD Oil and Dog Breeds

You may be considering CBD products for your terrier, and you wanted to know if this is safe for dog breeds. You can learn more about terriers on this page here. Read on to find more about the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol, legal, standing, and safety warnings about the products.

Many pet owners may think that cannabis automatically equates to marijuana and that this product can make their furry friends high. However, this is not the case as CBD is extracted from marijuana’s cousin, which is hemp.

The difference between the two is that marijuana contains almost 30% of the psychoactive compound called THC, while hemp may have 0.3% to nil of tetrahydrocannabinol. This means that your husky or rottweiler won’t become high, and they can experience all the therapeutic effects that CBD has to offer. 

More about CBD Oil and the Weed

CBD oil that’s used in many commercial products today is different from marijuana. The two are the most popular naturally-occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plants, and they are 80 other known compounds that can affect the nervous system.

The difference is that cannabidiol is not a psychotropic compound, so your furry companion can relax without getting stoned. Meanwhile, the THC, which is present in the cannabis plant, can alter your pet’s mental state, so it’s best to properly read the ingredients before buying any cannabis-related product.

Pet Industry and CBD Oil

Today, many products are sold in the pet industry regarding cannabis. There are supplements, tinctures, creams, and CBD dog treats that are all designed for your canine’s consumption. The liquid extracts are mixed with your spaniel’s food, and it’s used as a supplement. 

Manufacturers and growers make cannabidiol for anxiety, epilepsy, nausea, appetite stimulation, cancer, and stress. These were all the applications that many thought only THC could do. However, since the legalization of the hemp plant, CBD can have therapeutic effects without getting the high associated with marijuana.

Does the Oil Work?

There are thousands of studies done about the benefit of cannabidiol oil to different dog breeds. Many pet owners who have participated in the research have a lot of praise for cannabidiol oil. Although in-depth studies are still needed to determine how exactly cannabinoids work inside a pet’s body, the effects are already visible for some.

At Colorado State University, the Veterinary Hospital department is already researching the usefulness of CBD for the treatment of osteoarthritis and epilepsy in many animals. Trials are already in place, and they are administered to pets that have these conditions. 

It’s important to note here that participation is always dependent on parental consent and voluntary. Even if formal studies are still underway, many owners are already saying that cannabidiol is useful to a lot of dog breeds when it’s administered correctly.

The oil extracts may show a lot of promise, and objective studies are already ongoing to know more about their efficacies. You can get more ideas about the dog breeds that can benefit from the extracts when you click this link and get more in-depth information about each of them. Another thing that the researchers are taking seriously is the safety of various products out there, verified by laboratory results.

More about the Safety of Cannabidiol

When taken by itself, CBD is very safe for both humans and animals. Its side effects include dry mouth, a slight GI upset, or drowsiness, which are not very common to the users. However, you need to be very careful of the products you get from pot dispensaries because they may contain higher THC levels. These products are usually responsible for the reports of incidence in toxicity. 

Some of the safety concerns are caused by a case of dogs ingesting THC. Many cases involving dogs and owners reported that they were not sure about the products, and they got it from questionable sources. The solution for this is to get only the products from certified companies that don’t have any quality control issues. 

All of the marijuana derivatives lack quality control because those products in the dispensaries may not undergo these measures. In research conducted by the Animal Poison Control Center in NYC, it was found out that there’s a significant amount of THC found in products that came from dispensaries.

There’s as much as 60% getting over labeled and about 23% that were under labeled. This just shows that you can’t trust a product that doesn’t have any certificates from third-party laboratories. It’s essential to only get supplies from trusted manufacturers and suppliers out there because they could ensure that there’s no THC found in the product, and they can tell you the proper dose that you should administer to your dog breed.

Legalities of Cannabidiol

The federal government is still in the process of creating regulations on CBD oil, but it’s not illegal to purchase them. As long as the product you have contains less than 0.3% THC, you’re safe to get them from online shops or pet stores.

Currently, the FDA doesn’t have a clear approval with the use of CBD-infused treats or medications. Your best course is to ask your veterinarian to see if he approves of the specific product you’re about to give to your canine. Bivvy, a cheap and reliable pet insurance, provides you peace-of-mind knowing you’re prepared for your pet’s routine vet visits as well as the unfortunate emergency trip. Don’t let an unexpected vet bill hurt your wallet!  The USDA is currently rolling out programs to support farmers growing hemp and this is why you can get high-quality extracts inside the United States. CBD for anxiety

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