What to expect after orthopedic spinal surgery

If you are worried about what to expect during orthopedic spinal surgery, you would be undergoing the procedure soon or already in a hospital. First, you would need surgery if you have problems with the discs that cushion the bones in the spine. You can talk with an orthopedic spinal surgery in Matawan who would advise what to expect after surgery. Read on to learn more about what you would expect during and after orthopedic spinal surgery.

What to Expect When You Are In the Hospital

When you check into a hospital, your doctor will diagnose the spinal condition and the right surgeries that would work for the condition. You may get a discectomy which is a surgery that removes all or part of the disk, a foraminotomy which is a surgery that opens the back where the nerve roots leave the spinal column.  Another procedure to expect during orthopedic spinal surgery is laminectomy, which removes the lamina and spinal fusion, fusing two bones.

Recovery At Home

Recovery from orthopedic spinal surgery is quick, but you may feel pain and numbness along the path on the nerve that had pressure on it. However, these symptoms go away after a few weeks after discharge from the hospital. However, Spinal fusion takes some time to heal, and you may not return to everyday activities in a short time. It may take approximately four months until the bones heal correctly, and the length of the recovery would depend on how badly the spinal issue was.

Wound Care

Caring for a wound obtained from an orthopedic spinal surgery might be easy as the bandages may fall off after a week. If your surgeon permits you to remove the bandage, you will take it off by yourself. The pain and numbness on the surgery set may leave the skin red, and you would need to check the wound daily for proper healing. You would be checking for more redness, swellings, and draining of extra fluid, warmness, and if the wound opens. If any of these happens, you should contact the hospital soon. You may need to shower, but you should ensure the bathroom is safe and the incision is dry. The first time showing you can have a loved one helping you or ask a nurse to help you. You may need a cover incision with a plastic wrap to prevent water from soaking the dried skin. It would be wise to avoid water from splashing from the shower heads to spray the incision.

You may need to change how you do things after orthopedic spinal surgery; for instance, you would avoid sitting for more than half an hour. You would wear a brace when sitting or walking to avoid opening the wound; however, you may not need to wear braces when sitting on the side of the bed. You would need to engage in light physical activities and increase the intensity once the healing is done.

Final Thoughts

Getting an orthopedic spinal surgery might be challenging, and you should know what to expect during the process. You would need a doctor who guides you through the process of recovery and wound care. Good luck finding a suitable surgeon for the procedure.

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