What to Do When the Car Key Stuck in The Ignition

When your car key gets stuck in the ignition, it can result in a panic situation. If you find yourself in this situation, do not use force to pull out the key as the key may break off.

In this article, we will explore some of the reasons your car key may get stuck in the ignition and what you can do.

1. The Lock On Your Steering Wheel Is Engaged

One of the most common causes of a stuck ignition key is a locked steering wheel. The steering wheel locking mechanism gets activated when you switch off the ignition while moving the steering wheel at the same time. Unless the steering is released, you won’t be able to pull out the key. To deactivate the steering wheel lock, wiggle the steering wheel slowly to the left and then to the right. At the same time, use your right hand to apply slight pressure to the ignition key, and move it from the LOCK position to the START position. You should be able to remove the key from the ignition and restart the engine.

2. Dead Battery

Your vehicle’s ignition system depends on power from the battery to function properly. If the battery dies with the key in the ignition switch, you may not be able to remove the key from the ignition. To test if your battery is working, try to turn on your headlights. If the lights don’t work, your battery may be dead. The fix for this is fairly simple: jump start your car or have a new battery fitted so that you can be able to remove the key from the ignition.

3. A Broken Key

Although car keys are very robust, they can wear out or become damaged over time. If your car key bends, forms a small crack, or develops rough edges, the key can easily snag on the car’s ignition. Removing a broken key from the ignition on your own can be difficult because it requires technical skills and a key extraction tool. To save yourself the trouble, call a reliable locksmith in Philadelphia to help you out.

4. Debris On the Key

It is possible for debris to collect on your key and prevent it from turning in the ignition cylinder. To fix this problem, spray WD40 into the keyhole to loosen up the dirt and gently wiggle the key back and forth. If this doesn’t work, call an experienced locksmith in Philadelphia to help you remove the key.

Is Your Car Key Stuck in The Ignition? Call Fast Pro Locksmith for Help

Nothing can be stressful like having your car key stuck in the ignition. Luckily, an experienced locksmith in Levittown can help you remove a car key stuck in the ignition. At Fast Pro Locksmith, our locksmith in Levittown are skilled and equipped with advanced car key extraction tools to get the job done.

Fast Pro Locksmith takes pride in offering a full array of auto locksmith services, including car key replacement, key fob programming, ignition repair, keyless remotes, broken key extraction, ignition change, transponder key programming, transponder key duplication, and more. We proudly serve a number of locations in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Ambler, Ardmore, Bensalem, Broomall, and Bryn Mawr.

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