What To Do If You Fire An Employee And They Keep The Keys

No employer ever enjoys firing an employee, even if the said worker fails to contribute to the benefit of the business. Apart from that, ex-employees tend to hold grudges. They won’t sit still and allow their employers to fire them. They’ll retort by filing a lawsuit for wrongful termination. There are also numerous situations where the employer isn’t wrong in terminating an employee. Now, what will you do if the fired worker has a key to your office? An Atlanta Locksmith has a few ideas for you.

  1. Giving keys to employees: The owner of a business is often the busiest person working within the company premises. They may need to leave the workplace to attend meetings with clients or go on business trips to other countries now and then. Just because the owner isn’t present at the office doesn’t mean the workplace will remain closed. The employees have to keep working to ensure the business keeps catering to its clients. Understandably, the owner often has to trust one or more employees with the keys to the front door and other areas.
  2. Changing the locks: For one reason or another, the employer or the business owner has to fire an important employee who also holds the keys to various areas within the office. You can’t allow the person to enter anymore. You can, however, change all the locks on the doors. It’s the only reasonable thing to do, especially if your workplace has old-fashioned locking systems. Even if you remember to take the key away from the said employee before firing, he/she may possess a copy that you don’t know about.
  3. Reprogram the access control system: You shouldn’t make the mistake of believing that an access control system will be able to protect you from a disgruntled employee. You must contact a Locksmith Decatur immediately after firing a worker to remove his/her permission to gain entry. Employers need to do this even if they remember to get the door card back from the fired employee. It’s a standard procedure that’ll secure your workplace against anyone not permitted to enter.
  4. Opt for security cameras: Do you have CCTV cameras installed in and around your office? If not, you should get them installed right after you fire an employee who enjoyed advanced privileges. By installing CCTV surveillance systems, you’ll be able to keep tabs on the events within and outside the office building. What if an existing employee is the fired worker’s friend? What if he/she tries to help the fired employee return to the office? You can prevent such situations with security cameras.
  5. Install an intercom: Just like a CCTV system, you should consider installing an intercom system too. An Atlanta Locksmith can suggest an intercom system powered by intelligent locking systems. What can an intercom do for you? It’ll let you screen every individual who appears at the front door of your business building. In other words, you’ll be able to see the faces of the people standing in front of the gate. So, if you notice your former employee, you can stop them from entering.
  6. Security guards: Hiring security guards may seem a bit too extreme for you. If that’s what you think, you probably never experienced the wrath of an employee who holds a grudge. You should consider yourself fortunate if you aren’t getting credible threats yet, but if you do, you must contact a security agency to hire trained security guards. You should ask them to stand guard in front of all the access points to your business property. They can handle a disgruntled employee if they appear at the front door with weapons.


In today’s workplace environment, heightened and comprehensive security measures are the need of the hour. If possible, you should hire a locksmith Decatur from Quickpro Locksmith to come up with a viable key control policy too. The purpose of this policy is to keep your business property, as well as its equipment, people, and resources, safe from perpetrators. In a world where unemployment is wreaking havoc, losing a job can force a person to take drastic measures. It’s true even if the person gets terminated for all the right reasons.

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