What Smartwatches Work with iPhone

Who wants to keep on retrieving their phone from the pocket to pick calls to check notifications, mainly in public places? Well, it can be frustrating and unsafe to get a phone from the bag every time you get a call or a message. But smartwatches give you the liberty to pair with your phone so you can access all these settings and notifications.

But, note that not all smartwatches can be paired with smartphone models. For instance, some smartwatches work with iPhones, and others do not. So, if you are looking for the best smartwatches that you can pair with your iPhone, below are the top best options on the market.

1. Apple Watch SE

Once you connect this smartwatch with your iPhone, you will not need to take out your phone at any time. The smartwatch is useful for picking calls, replying to messages, and other activities you may need to carry out using your phone. In other words, it allows you to carry your phone on the wrist. Discover More at She Worn a smartwatch company, deals with wearable gadgets reviews of top products in the market.

Speaking of taking your phone, this smartwatch for iPhone is quite comfortable since it has a lightweight design for the wearer’s portability and comfort. This smartwatch possesses other smart features like fitness tracking and daily activities you could have done with your phone.

Notable Features

  • This smartwatch has multiple workout apps
  • You can sync your favorite music, podcast, or audiobooks to listen to while on the move
  • The smartwatch has a compass and a real lifetime design
  • The casing has waterproof materials


  • This smartwatch is comfortable to wear for long
  • It has a reasonable LCD screen size
  • The screen has an OLED design for good vision at night
  • The battery lasts for up to 4 years


  • This smartwatch is quite expensive.

2. Apple Watch Series 6

This is probably one of the most expensive Apple Series smartwatches, but it is worth investing in. Equipped with cellular and GPS modes, this smartwatch allows you to call, receive calls, message, and even check out your social media messages. So, you don’t need to check your phone for these activities as you can use the smartwatch instead.

The smartwatch is crafted to accommodate all users, including people with eye issues. Thus, it has a large OLED screen that gives perfect illumination and viewing space even at night.

Notable Features

  • The smartwatch has a sizeable OLED LCD
  • The smartwatch has waterproof crafting
  • The processor is twice faster than previous models
  • Has fitness track apps


  • This watch has minimal delays
  • It gives excellent viewing even at night
  • Setting it up is relatively easy
  • The smartwatch has multiple features


  • This smartwatch does not support all the tariffs.

3. Apple Watch Series 5

This is a more affordable App series smartwatch on the market. But, still, the smartwatch is reliable and easy to connect with the iPhones for easy control. This smartwatch is durable, and you can tag it when going anywhere. Considering it is made with a waterproof case, you can go diving or swimming while wearing the watch. The retina of this smartwatch stays on throughout for easy viewing, even at night.

Notable Features

  • This smartwatch has a relatively larger screen
  • It helps to keep track of the heart rate
  • Features an emergency SOS setting
  • Has international emergency calling mode


  • Viewing this smartwatch even at night is easy
  • The screen is 30 percent larger and clearer
  • It is a portable and comfortable watch to wear throughout
  • Has inbuilt GPS and compass


  • The battery of this smartwatch is a bit annoying since it does not last long, mainly if the smartwatch is used for long.


Carry your iPhone on your wrist by integrating it with the above-reviewed smartwatches. They are crafted to connect with multiple apple phones for easy and convenient control. The smartwatches can do many activities that the iPhone can do for convenience and safety while outdoors. So, check out the smartwatches to find the most comfortable and affordable model for your phone.

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