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What Questions Should I Ask For Website Feedback?

It is important to ask the right questions when gathering feedback from customers, but also make sure you act on the information you gather. It is crucial to act on the feedback you receive from customers, since it will allow you to improve your customer experience and keep your existing customers. Listed below are some of the most common questions you should ask to get useful website feedback. Keep reading to learn how to ask the right questions and get actionable information from your customers!


You can use questionnaires to collect feedback about your website’s content. The information you gather will help you determine what content your customers’ value most. There are several ways to design questionnaires. Check out the Survey Marketplace to get inspiration for your survey. The marketplace includes a library of sample questionnaires for eight different categories. Try one for free before you buy it. Then you can adjust it as necessary to fit your business needs.

As a free online questionnaire creator, you can create your questionnaire in a few easy steps using a tool like AidaForm. Its free online questionnaire maker will also allow you to easily share your questionnaire with your target audience, which is very important for gathering responses relevant to your product or business. Make sure to develop a strategy to share your questionnaire online and make sure you’re sharing it with your intended respondents. You can also make your questionnaire shareable by creating a motivating message and a giveaway.


You can use website feedback surveys to get valuable insights and improve your website. Surveys should be tailored to target specific audiences and pages. Incorporate various metrics into your survey, such as exit intent or session duration. You can also include specific questions and elements that can help you understand your visitors. Here are some tips to make your website feedback surveys effective. A well-designed survey will help you improve your website and deliver excellent user experiences. But remember that your website needs to meet specific goals.

Before starting your website feedback survey, you need to determine the hooks that will convert visitors to customers and make them come back again. Identifying these hooks will help you focus on the right places and generate more business. Hence, it is important to select the right place for the free online questionnaire maker. In addition, you need to consider what types of feedback you want to collect. Once you know these things, you can then choose the best survey location.


There are numerous usability questions to ask for website feedback. Asking visitors what they like and dislike is an effective way to improve your website. Users will think more about the negative aspects, if you ask them why they are unhappy. You should also ask them to share what they do like about your website. This way, you’ll learn what they want to see more of. This is an invaluable tool for ensuring your website is easy to use.

For example, usability questions are helpful in improving the user experience and navigation of your website. Users rarely return to websites that are hard to navigate, so your website should be easy to use. A simple usability test will give you valuable information about what people have trouble with and what they find most useful. This information will also help you create a better website layout. And you can start with these questions if you want to see where you can improve your website.

Missing elements

To find out if your website is usable, you can ask visitors for feedback. You can use survey templates to find out how useful your website is and what improvements could be made. Survey questions can help you find out whether your site is usable or not, and can be particularly helpful if your website is new. Here are some questions to ask visitors:

A website feedback survey template can be a great way to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback from visitors. This template uses a built-in widget that lets visitors highlight particular elements on a web page to give their feedback. The data collected can be used to improve the UX of your website and improve conversion rates. These templates can also be customized without any coding knowledge. There are many ways to create a website feedback survey template, so be sure to check out a few of these to get started.

Common mistakes

While most designers have a feedback loop in place, not all of them have a great feedback loop. Even fewer have a good feedback loop that yields significant results. These mistakes can make or break your website’s feedback. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when asking for feedback. Read on to learn how you can improve your website. Once you’ve finished a survey, you’ll have a better understanding of how your customers perceive your website.


A well-designed website is an essential part of a business’ success. Many customers use websites for information and help them find what they need. If your website fails to engage customers and attract them, they’ll find another option for their needs. To avoid these common mistakes, follow the checklist below. These 30 common mistakes are based on years of web design, development, and marketing experience. By following these tips, you can make your website more engaging and attract new customers.

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