What Nicotine Does To Your Body

It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that approximately 6 million individuals are killed as a result of smoking cigarettes. By the year 2030 this expected to have increased to more than 8 million individuals. The reason why cigarettes are so harmful is because of the toxins that are found inside of them, including nicotine. 

Nicotine is a stimulant that works to increase the speed at which the messages that go between the brain and the rest of the body travel at. It is found predominantly in tobacco based products and is considered a psychoactive drug. In addition to in cigarettes, nicotine can also be found in pipes and cigars that are used to smoke tobacco with. 

Impacts on the brain

It is believed that almost half of all high school aged students in the United States of America have tried smoking at some point in their life. However, it is during this exact time that the human brain is doing most of its development and because of the impact of nicotine on the organ, it can have damaging effects. In fact, the research indicates that by smoking during their teenage years, an individual greatly increases their risk of developing some sort of psychiatric disorder and / or cognitive impairment later along in their life. 

Nicotine is responsible for having an impact on those areas of the brain that affect learning, attention, brain plasticity, and memory. This may result in a loss of focus and balance in some individuals. In order to combat this, some people take CBD gummies which in addition to improving your overall wellness, also work in improving focus and balance – CBD gummies for sale on the link.

Other impacts

The impacts of nicotine can have even be seen on unborn babies when consumed by mothers during pregnancy. Additionally, it can lead to an increased risk of premature births and even stillbirths – which is why smoking should always be avoided during pregnancy.

Other ways it can impact on the body and human health include respiratory failure, obesity, diabetes, infertility, hypertension, and neurobehavioral defects. 

Ditching the habit

For those people who are concerned about the effects that nicotine may be having on their own body, there are a number of things that can be done in order to ditch the dependency to cigarettes for good. This includes techniques such as going cold turkey or using alternative products, such as Black Buffalo, a tobacco free dip. 

Some of the symptoms that you are likely to experience when giving up nicotine for good include an upset stomach, restless sleep, cravings, pains and aches, depression and anxiety, sore throats, coughing, headaches, trouble concentrating, and putting on weight. These should be relatively short lived and are likely to have passed within a few months.

Should you require any professional help during this period (which can be difficult) then it is important that you reach out and ask for it. No one gives up using nicotine without any help or assistance from others. 

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