What mistakes are often made on a resume?

Upload a photo that has more than just you

Employers want to see information on a resume about a potential employee, not characters from TV shows or doggies from the Internet. For this reason it is not suitable a group photo where the job seeker among other people, because who is who.

The picture should be of you and nothing else. You don’t have to do a separate photo shoot, just have a friend take your picture on any modern phone. At the same time, it is better not to make anything strange in the photo and refrain from photos that may contain questionable material or spoil your reputation even before the interview.

Hiding information on a resume

If a person hides certain information (gender, age, name, professional skills and work experience) on an open resume, HR might have logical questions about why this is the case. But given that the choice of candidates is usually large, no one will clarify the reasons for hiding information, and such a resume will simply be closed.

If you don’t want your resume to be seen, hide it from the search and don’t respond to jobs. If you’re looking for a job, don’t hide information about yourself – openness is better than poorly motivated secrets.

Hide your region before the interview

On any job search service, you can specify where you live and where you’re willing to move to. That said, there is an option within the search to not show those who don’t live in their current region and are only willing to move there. This is important because the company may simply not be willing to relocate an employee.

Missing or incorrect goal

The position you are applying for is not stated. You are forcing the employer to reread and delve into all of the information you provided so that they will eventually figure out for themselves what job you are good for. A resume without a purpose is extra work for the reader. And whether he wants to do it – the question.

The more specific the goal, the more likely you will be invited for an interview.

Use of special terms, words and phrases

Some applicants, trying to make a lasting impression on the employer, use in their resume borrowed Americanisms, jargon or special terms, which are accepted in narrow circles of specialists. Quite often, such techniques look ridiculous, as applicants confuse words and expressions, and thus only multiply the mistakes in the resume. It is better to refuse such practices, to write about yourself in simple and clear language, competently and structured.

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