What Makes Patek Nautilus A Valuable Sports Watch

Among the line of a sports watch, Patek Nautilus is the King. This high-end timepiece stands out being a grail watch. Designed as a sports watch, but not a replacement for Garmin GPS or G-shock watch. Manufactured when the trend was classical watch embed in gold cases and sports watches that were bolder and larger.

Introduced in the market in 1976, Patek Nautilus was not universally acclaimed. Perhaps it’s because the larger size and traditional style made it unattractive. They used stainless steel instead of a gold case. Gerald Genta was the brain behind the creation of the Nautilus timepiece.

The original design of Nautilus 3700 features an ear-like porthole hinge on the side, a Black-Blue dial, and an octagonal bezel. In 2006, Patek Philippe innovated the designs of the case and the movements. Thus introduced the new chronograph model.

Nautilus Design

The original design of the 2014 Nautilus created by Genta has less detail. The 3700 model featured only the hour and minute hands, while the second hand was added to the 5700 model with a thicker and larger bezel.

The highlight of Nautilus’ alternative model is the so-called degrade dial. It features a gradient finish that allows smooth movement to the dial’s center. The finishing of this timepiece is incredible, with a hand-polished case and satin finish bracelet.

Strap and bracelet

The primary material used in the bracelet or strap is leather but varies on the model of the Patek Nautilus watch. An ideal sports watch must have a bracelet with a folding clasp. But experts are looking for more improvements to the bracelet, making it rock-solid. It is because the original design of the bracelet was sleeker and thinner, thus slips off easily under shirt-cuffs.


The movement of a timepiece represents the technical and artistic aspects. The movement of the original Nautilus was Calibre 28-255C based on the Calibre 920 Jaeger le-Coultre. Its recent versions of the Nautilus watch have improved movements using the CH 28-520 C FUS. They make the case back of sapphire and the rotor is 18K solid gold with the Patek logo.

The Innovation of the Different Models of Patek Nautilus

Since its inception, Patek Philippe continuously created various models of timepieces. They ensure to keep with the innovations of technology. Thus, if you’re looking for a Patek Nautilus watch, you can choose from several models.

Nautilus 6713/1G

This model of the Nautilus watch features the iconic design on its dial. The black-blue color of the dial has made it distinct. There are small gradients of diamond embedded on top surrounding the case. Moving the face creates different hues of light.

Nautilus 5726/1A

The case of this model is larger and has complicated features including a moon phase, an annual calendar, and a 24-hour indicator. The annual calendar is so clever that determines the days of the month and simply adjusts.

The moon phase features a rotating disc that tells the moon’s position visible from the earth. It can help when planning for a full moon party. Outside the moon phase, the register is the 24-hour indicator.

Nautilus 5980R

It was in 2006 when the company introduced the Nautilus chronograph, but only the gold and steel-gold models standstill. The flyback chronograph has a black-brown dial with a single counter. The white hand is the 12-hour counter and the red hand is the 60-minute counter. This model of Nautilus timepiece has a chocolate brown strap and rose gold case.

Nautilus 5980/1AR

They made updates for the Nautilus chronograph in 2012. They replaced the white outer ring with red markings. This model is a combination of rose gold and stainless steel. The deep blue dial makes this timepiece lovable and incredible with its rose gold bezel. As compared to other blue models of the Nautilus watch, this one has a unique shade and much bolder.

Nautilus 5980/1R

If you’re looking for a chronograph watch made of solid gold, the Nautilus 5980/1R is the best option. It features a black dial but has some hues of green.

Why Choose Patek Nautilus Watch

Considering the history of Patek Nautilus and its innovations, we can say that having one of its timepieces is an excellent investment.

Here are some factors why choose the Patek Nautilus watch.


Buying anything the quality is the first factor to consider. With construction and design, Patek Nautilus guarantees quality. Constructing each watch takes months to years and experts ensure upholding to quality standards.


Hearing the brand name Patek Philippe comes to mind, the prestige each luxury watch carries. They link it to sophistication and refinement that cannot be understated. You could not easily recognize Patek unless you are well-informed.


The manufacturer of Patek Nautilus ensures significance in producing each timepiece. There may be a low production, it is only because they continue to increase its significance. They are not after the quantity of production, but to level up the value.


When planning to buy a watch, it is essential to consider its versatility. Why purchase several timepieces to wear for different occasions if you can have one that you can use all the time? Patek Nautilus timepieces uphold versatility. You can wear it with your formal, casual, or sports outfit. We know Nautilus is a sport watch, but also best to wear on any occasion.

Investment value

Patek Nautilus watches are expensive, thus carrying higher investment value. It’s a good thing to keep in mind when buying a watch to consider its investment value. Patek Philippe along with Rolex are consistent in maintaining their value. The investment value is a contributing factor to its expensive tag price.

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Patek Nautilus is a sports watch that guarantees quality and style. Each feature of the timepiece is done with care and quality. Some people may not appreciate the design of Nautilus, but it is worth spending. You won’t regret spending an enormous amount of money owning and wearing this sports watch. It would not only manifest sophistication but also boost your confidence. As this timepiece employs simplicity, wear it without bragging. Let people recognize your watch by themselves. The next time you plan on buying a watch, consider Patek Nautilus.

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