What Makes a Good Website?

Good websites- Clean and Crisp

Making a good website must be individualized; a website must be tailored to the target audience and the service or product that is being offered. There is not just one way to make any and all websites good. You can get a website audit company to do an audit for you to improve your website. But why is a website audit important and is it worth the money? Improving your website can help you improve your search engine rankings and increase conversion rates so yes, it is worth the money. It is important because a good website is crucial to converting visitors into customers. The money invested into a website audit will bring more money in. Fixing small issues on your website can also help boost your search engine rankings which will generate more traffic for your website. So what makes a good website?

A good website provides content for the searcher or consumer, not towards others that are offering the same product. Organization helps a good website provide the necessary content and eliminates the possibility of having repetitive content on the website. 

A website that is trustworthy and secure can make or break a website. If a searcher or consumer finds your website, decides they want to purchase something from it, go to the ‘checkout’ page and see that their payment information is not secure then you most likely just lost a sale. Making your website secure and privacy protected provides a level of trust between you and the consumer. Establishing a good reputation through reviews and feedback (YELP for example) makes for a great website.

When an individual is already doing the work to search out their desired product, service, etc., then having a website that is difficult to navigate is a turn towards a bad website. A good website is user friendly; it has minimal redirections to get the desired result or outcome, there is minimal room for misinterpretation in the content provided, and quickness. It is good for a website to have an easy-to-understand layout with images to help support the more difficult to understand content. Time is something people never have enough of, making tasks quick to complete is extremely useful. This can also be defined as navigation, how a person gets from one component of the website to the other. 

Lastly, a good website is aesthetically pleasing. The website should not be cluttered or include information that is not important. Simplifying content is useful and making the font easy to read is helpful. Fonts that are challenging to read, too bright, or too small make the website challenging to look at. A good website leaves the searcher with a positive lasting impression. First impressions are hard to change so if your website leaves a negative opinion then it will be difficult to establish repeat customers or positive reviews and feedback.

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