What is the Origin of Streetwear ?

To some people, streetwear seems like a fashion trend that just came out of the blues. However, streetwear has been around for more than 3 decades. It is believed that streetwear originated in New York in the 1980s.

Although streetwear has its routes wrapped around New York, some would also argue that with modern fashion branching off from different subgenres, some might argue that streetwear did not originate from New York.

Streetwear is a modern fashion and no doubt New York is one of the cities in the ’80s that was known for this fashion style.

History of the Streetwear fashion Trend

The fashion community has accepted that streetwear was born out of the New York hip hop culture in the ’70s. Also, streetwear is believed to be born out of the Los Angeles surf culture.

  • Early 80: The DIY trend of the ’80s seems to have been the inspiration behind streetwear. Back then most surfers designed their t-shirts and inscribed their signature marks on them. Gradually, other surfers followed suit and it became a trend. One surfer that was known to have started the trend of inscribing their signature on their t-shirt is known as Shawn Stussy. Because Stussy was a good surfer, his branded t-shirts were sold out. When Stussy’s t-shirt became a hit, other brands took advantage and started marketing their own branded surf t-shirts.
  • Early 90: Then in the early ’90s gangster rap become popular and the fashion trend was also similar to surfers.  The mixture of bandanas and baggy jeans was trending in the ’90s. Based on the huge influence gangster rap had then, any attire won by famous rappers became an instant hit. Gradually, streetwear became a popular fashion trend and it is to date.
  • Durags For Men also became a fashion sense and a symbol of street wear
  • Early 2000’s: In the early 2000s, streetwear added a twist with the advent of the bling culture. In the past, jewelry was not a part of streetwear. But the combination of “bling” made streetwear an instant hit again. Also, another new trend was the addition of sneakers. Back then, the footwear was buts. But sneakers added a different feel to a streetwear fashion trend. Most rappers customized their sneakers to match their attire. At a time multi color sneakers have become a trend.

Is Streetwear Still a Thing?

Yes, streetwear has become more popular than it used to be. Most regions now have their variation of streetwear. For instance, streetwear attire in Japan always has a mix of Japanese culture too. Aside from that, since streetwear is a modern fashion, most fashion enthusiasts have found a way to mix it up to suit their style.

Furthermore, streetwear is a moving fashion trend that is still invoked. Besides, you can find new fashion brands coming up with a different mix of streetwear. Based on the popularity of streetwear, a lot of designers seem to have focused more on the fashion trend.

Where to Buy Streetwear?

Streetwear is sold virtually anywhere you can think of. Besides, with internet marketing gaining some momentum, a lot of streetwear brands have also launched websites where they sell their streetwear clothing. Not to mention, streetwear was quite expensive in the past but recently with brands embracing the fashion trend, it has become less expensive.

What’s more, you can order streetwear from a trusted online website without moving an inch. Streetwear is sold on various online marketing platforms that specialize in clothing and accessories. Finally, streetwear is a fashion trend that will remain for some time. To crown it all, streetwear suits both men and women. To buy Japanese streetwear clothes visit an online clothing shop.

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