What is the difference between laparoscopic hernia surgery and open hernia surgery?

A hernia is an organ or a part of an organ that pushes through the weakened tissues and muscles in its surroundings. It is one such medical condition that cannot be left to heal on its own. Timely surgical intervention is necessary to cure a hernia. Delaying or avoiding hernia treatment can result in a medical emergency.

There are two surgical procedures for hernia repair: open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Both surgical treatments are available in most of the cities across the country. The latter is an advanced approach that offers better results.

If you are living in Patna and are looking for the best treatment for hernia in the city, the insights in this blog are even more beneficial for you.

So, let’s begin with the differences that will make it clearer as to how the laparoscopic approach is better than open surgery.

Points of difference Open hernia surgery Laparoscopic hernia surgery
The extent of invasiveness Requires several major incisions and stitches to be carried out on the body. The procedure is quite complex and invasive in nature. It is a minimal access procedure. The surgeon makes a few minor incisions on the body to push back the displaced hernia.
Duration 1-2 hours 1 hr 30 min- 1hr 45 min


Risk of complications As there are multiple sutures and big incisions  involved, the risk of postoperative complications is quite high. As the procedure does not involve several incisions and stitches, it is quite safe. Also, the risk of complications is reduced.
Degree of preciseness The surgeon inserts a camera-fitted laparoscope into the region under surgery. This provides a clear picture of the area and thus the procedure is very precise. Open surgery does not involve the use of a camera and therefore it is relatively less precise.
Recovery period Smooth and fast recovery. The patient can get back on their feet in 5-6 days and return     to          their                normal


Longer recovery period.

It may take 3-4 weeks to recover completely. And if any complications occur, this recovery period may stretch longer.

Hospital stay The hospital stay after open surgery may stretch over a few days. Short stay surgery.

The patient can return home the next day after surgery.

Other advantages of laparoscopic hernia surgery:

  • There are chances that open surgery may leave behind a long-term scar whereas no scar is left behind after the laparoscopic
  • Both open, as well as laparoscopy-assisted surgery for hernia repair, are performed under the administration of anesthesia. The patient does not experience any major pain during the

However, in the case of open surgery, the patient may experience significant pain and discomfort during the recovery period. This happens because of the large number of stitches. For a laparoscopic procedure, the pain and inflammation are minimal.

  • If multiple hernias are present on the opposite sides, the laparoscopic procedure won’t require any additional incisions to treat these. On the other hand, in open hernia surgery, the surgeon would have to make an extra incision on the opposite side to push the hernia back.
  • Once the displaced organ is pushed to its original place, the surgeon uses a mesh to hold together the bulging tissues. Thus, the chances of recurrence of hernia are lesser as compared to the traditional
  • The laparoscopic treatment for a hernia is also cost-effective. The hospital stay is short, with only a few medicines to manage pain after surgery, and fewer dressing

Where can you get laparoscopic hernia surgery in Patna?

You can get in touch with a trained and experienced laparoscopic surgeon for advanced hernia repair. Pristyn Care is one of the most trustworthy names in Patna that houses some of the best surgeons in the city. All their laparoscopic hernia surgeons in Patna are highly trained and have years of experience in performing hernia surgeries successfully. Also, the laparoscopic procedure offered by their doctors is USFDA approved. Thus it is absolutely safe and reliable.

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Why is Pristyn Care so reliable for laparoscopic hernia surgery in Patna?

The dedicated team works round the clock to ensure that there is no hassle for any patient. Your treatment journey will be actually as smooth as promised.

  • You won’t have to worry about insurance claims and paperwork. This will be taken care of by the insurance
  • You will be provided a Care Buddy to take care of all the formalities at the treatment
  • You won’t have to make arrangements to commute to and from the hospital. A cab will pick you up from your doorstep and drop you back after the

The Bottom Line

Now that you have gained insights into both open as well laparoscopic hernia surgery, it will be easier for you to take the right decision. Timely treatment will save you from the long-term complications of a hernia that can be potentially fatal. Hopefully, you will make a well-informed decision while choosing the surgeons and the best-suited hernia surgery in Patna.

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